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Interested in signing up your child? Just show up 10 minutes early to a practice date and meet Coach Jacob!


Get Fit

Lose Weight. Burn Calories– An hour of singles play can burn 580-870 calories.

Live Longer

Playing just 3 hours/week will reduce your risk of heart disease.

Strengthen Heart, Muscles and Bones

Compared to other sports, tennis players have the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease.

(According to a 40-year study conducted by Johns Hopkins University)

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing tennis involves several skills that all contribute to good hand-eye coordination. You can improve your agility, balance, coordination, reaction time and more.

Enjoy Family and Friends

Great for the whole family no matter what your age. With minimal equipment needed and plenty of courts nearby, it’s easy to bring a friend or find one at the courts.

Develop Teamwork and Sportsmanship

From doubles play to learn and league play, tennis develops your ability to communicate and work together.


USPTA Assistant Pro - Coach Ricky Ortega

Ricky is a very well-loved and well-known Tennis Coach, married 39 years to Cathy, a member of the Clayton Community and at Oakhurst Country Club who has been teaching the game of tennis for over 20 years. Ricky is a retired Police Officer from the Sheriff's Department for the cities of San Ramon, Lafayette & Orinda. Playing tennis since he was 5 years old, Ricky went on to continue playing tennis at Berkeley High School and Cal Berkeley. He later returned to Clayton Valley High to teach boys and girls teams for 8 years with 2 League Championships and 3 NCS Tennis Teams. Ricky taught all his kids tennis, including Johnathan, Jessica, Justin, and his youngest Jacob, all of whom went on to play college tennis. Ricky's youngest, Jacob, went on to become Oakhurst Country Club's current USTA Director of Tennis. Ricky also taught lessons and was USPTA Assistant Pro to Calvin Thompson & Joe Sabliin, and was at one point the Tennis Director at OCC. Now he is the USPTA Assistant Pro to his son, Jacob Ortega.

USPTA Coach Chris Gasparro

Chris was born and raised in Clayton, CA, got lessons at a young age from Coach Ricky, played at Oakhurst Country Club in high school, and we are thrilled to have had him come back to coach at our Tennis Courts recently. Chris enjoyed playing tennis at DVC and taught at University of Oregon, where he majored in General Social Science. Chris teaches tennis players of all age ranges. You might recognize Chris from Skippilinis where he was the manager for a time. Reach out to Coach Chris for lessons anytime!

USPTA Head Pro & Coach Jacob Ortega, Director of Tennis at Oakhurst CC

Jacob Ortega, USTA Head Pro has developed a Junior Tennis Program that allows students of tennis to grow and socialize while learning the techniques and strategies of a great game to learn. He puts on clinics, private lessons, and league tournaments for 2.0 - 4.5 Men's, Women's, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles Leagues between Oakhurst Country Club and other competitive leagues and clubs in the area.

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