Try angles, but,"Triangles"? The mystery behind Pascals triangle in photography

Pascals Triangle may seem like a tricky concept to get a handle on, and well, in my experience it still is. Let me try my best to break this down for you, and what better way to do it than Photography?..

Pascals Triangle: the triangular arrangement of numbers in which the top two numbers above any of the numbers of the line your reading correlate to

(i.e) Suppose the number you see is 5 the numbers 2 and 3 are located directly above that number making an inverted triangle shape overall

-Pascals in Photography-

Minimalistic photographers approach their photos with a yes, "barren" mind frame. However, they miss how much is actually happening inside of that 8 by 8 inch photo.

What makes a photo beautiful? Well, variety, meaning lots of yes you guessed it shapes. That featuring triangles. Just take a look, see if you can recognize some patterns.

(all of these are taken by myself)

Pascals Triangle is very numerically hefty, I get it. However, we severely underestimate how much work our little computer we call our brain does when we look at photos.

Pascals is the continual build of this triangular form, no one ever said that build didn't happen non-numerically. So we witness this phenomena when we see especially minimalistic and aesthetic photography styles.

Thank you for your time!

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