To Kill A Mockingbird Skin Scenarios By: Tom geiger

Entry Number 1: Ms. Caroline Yells At Scout For Reading

Perspective: Ms. Caroline

Today there was some hot-headed little girl that knew how to read in my class. Her name was Scout Finch and she essentially disrespected me by lying to my face. She claims to have taught herself to read, but I know her father must have shown her. There is no way a child can teach herself how to read. These people in this town have no respect for my learned college knowledge. I know the Dewey decimal system and they do not. They are harming their children by teaching them in an improper fashion! I sincerely hope Scout’s father listens to me and stops poisoning his daughter’s mind with improperly taught reading skills. He is raising a hot headed know it all that will have future problems. In addition to this problem, It has been very stressful moving here from my home town in Northern Alabama. Children and adults are very traditional and standoffish here. I just hope I can make it through the day without collapsing due to stress.

Entry Number 2: Burris Ewell Makes Ms. Caroline Cry

Perspective: Burris Ewell

My father made me show up to class today. It’s the rule we all need to follow in my family; one class day per year. It’s irritating, but better to go along with than arguing with my pa. He can get awful mean when talked back to. It was about halfway through the day when this big shot northern teacher gave me lip for being dirty and having lice in my head. She told me to go home and wash up just to come back tomorrow. I promptly responded by calling her names and storming out. Who does she think she is, giving me trouble for how I dress and act? There’s no point in dressing nice, the system and world is against me and I have no chance at success, at least, that’s what pa says. I’ll keep on letting these richie type big shot north types teach the other kids. They can sit through her garbage if they want to, but not Burris Ewell! I’m going to go do what I please, and what I please is acting like my pa.

Entry Number 3: Boo Radley And Jem's Pants

Perspective: Boo Radley

Last night, two young children snuck into my yard in an attempt to touch my door. I’ve seen them around before, and it seems they believe I am some kind of monster-like demon creature. They amuse themselves by getting as close as they dare to my house. I find this funny. All that I have done is remove myself from the drama of society, and urban legends have been spun about my existence. I don’t fault the children for their games, I fault the gossip adults who lie about me. I find the children’s games entertaining. Anyway, when I went outside to confront the trespassing children on my porch, they fled in fear. The boy got his pants stuck in my garden fence. I decided to clean them up and leave them at the fence. I see no need to punish the boy for just having fun, even if it’s somewhat at my expense. I’ll keep staying inside, but I will always look out for those kids. This world needs some form of innocent joy in it.

Entry Number 4: Tom Robinson's Trial Verdict

Perspective: Tom Robinson

Today I was found guilty as charged at my trial. I am angry, but not surprised. Atticus Finch did his best to defend me from Ewell’s false accusations, but his whiteness trumped Atticus’s reason. The people of Maycomb value the traditional ways of southern white women over my life, and that is something I will have to accept. This place is not ready to change, and even Atticus couldn’t force it before it wanted to. My family knows that I am innocent, and I am happy that they believe I am not a criminal. I fear that they will be abused when I am in prison, but I hope my community members will protect them. I can’t wait for an appeal to drag out. I need to get out of custody as fast as possible and make a run with my family. Even if I am killed in the process, the attempt will be worth it. I cannot sit in prison while my family is in danger. I would rather be shot by the guards than allow that to happen. Wish me luck in my effort.

Reflection Paragraph:

This assignment was very different than almost all others we have done this year. I really had to try and imagine the mind of all of these characters to make a realistic viewpoint. I learned that Atticus’s advice on stepping into other people’s skin really does work. Before I did this assignment, I thought that Ms. Caroline was just being a mean-spirited bad teacher. After I tried to view it from her perspective, I saw that it was a combination of stress, humiliation, and exhaustion that made her act the way she did. I think that Mr. Crooke had us complete this assignment so we could see how true Atticus’s advice really was. This project forced me to use a piece of good advice, and I am happy that I completed it. It gave a different approach to school write-ups, forced you to use great advice, and taught you more about the book’s characters. I enjoyed this work much more than the standard homework assignment.


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