Favorite places Photos of popular hangouts and study spots at UW-La Crosse.

The Student Union

Completed in 2016 and with more than 200,000 square feet of space, The U is on the top of the list of most popular spaces to hang out.

The Recreational Eagle Center

Built in 1997, the REC is home to Recreation Sports and the Outdoor Connection. An addition was added in 2017. The REC has over 300,000 student check-ins every year.
An addition added 35,200 square feet to the Recreational Eagle Center in 2017. This includes an enlarged strength training space, large multipurpose recreation room and other related support spaces including changing areas and restrooms.

Lindner Forest

Students "hang out" in Lindner Forest, a popular spot to study outside.
Left, a class enjoys spring weather in the Gazebo in Lindner Forest. Right, students take time to relax and study outside in Lindner Forest.

Coate Field

End-of-the-year parties, pick-up soccer, teeter-totter-a-thon and "bags." Students enjoy outside recreational activities and relaxing on Coate Field.

Drake Field

When the sun is out Drake Field is always bustling with activity.

Grandson Bluff

A campus icon located near Graff Main Hall. This is one of the top photogenic places students come to get their selfie game on.

Murphy Library

Inside or outside there are plenty of comfy places to study at Murphy Library.

Prairie Springs Science Center Mall

The Prairie Springs Science Center Mall is the perfect spot to chat with friends in between classes or catch some rays on a fall afternoon.

Hoeschler Tower

Study spots, vigils, clubs and protests. Hoeschler Tower, at the center of campus, is our main campus icon.