Comply365 User Guide Getting Started

Step1: Launching Comply365
  1. Navigate to the Desktop of your EFB. This is the screen with the wallpaper and EFB icons/applications
  2. Locate the Comply365 icon and Tap once on the icon to launch the app
Step 2: Login into Comply365
  1. Enter in your Comply365/myMobile365 username and password
  2. If you have forgotten your password, please submit an EFB Support Ticket
Step 3: Alerts & Important Messages

The Alerts & Messages screen is the first screen to load each time you launch Comply365. Please expand each item to reveal the message or alert contained within.

Alerts are general messages which are used to communicate any updates or messages from the EFB Team. This is not particular to you or your device.

NavigationStep 4: Navigation and Menu

The left most icon is the Viewer and is used to view content and publications. This screen is general empty, unless you have left any open publications or manuals

The next icon is the Collections & Publications icon. The number in red indicates the number of unread publications you have. In this section, you may access your Favorites, Compliance, Communications & Collections.

The 3rd icon from the left is the Alerts & Messages window. This is the default section which Comply365 will load each time you launch the application.

The fourth icon from the left is the Settings menu. In this window, you may make additional customizations to your Comply365 app such as setting a pin password, changing the colour or theme.

Step 5: Compliance
  1. Select the publications tab
  2. Tap on the Comply sub tab
  3. Select a publication from the list
Entering in the confirmation code
Step 6: Closing the publication once complied

Once a publication is closed, Comply365 will display a Viewer is Empty message in gray. This is indicating that you do not have any other publications left open in the background. When you are ready to view or comply to another publication, simply navigate to the other publication and repeat the compliance process.

How do I scroll to the bottom of a publication?

It may be easier to use the search or outline feature of Comply365 to navigate quickly to the bottom of a publication. If you choose to use the search feature, simply look for the word confirmation. Results will be displayed on the right hand side and the compliance code will also be displayed for convenience.

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