Exploración de Marte (The exploration of Mars)

The exploration of Mars became our next target after we got a man on the moon. We have always been curious, humans that is, and Mars is just a foreign land waiting to be explored. There are many mysteries surrounding Mars such as there being water or there used to be water on Mars. Does that mean Mars could potentially become our second Earth so to say?

Mars is a mystery to us. We have gotten rovers onto it and found out quite a bit, but when will we get humans on Mars? That would be a great accomplishment for humankind. We will be able to confirm anything we questioned about Mars. Not only that we would get first hand encounters with the atmosphere of Mars and the overall ambience of this red planet.

In awe, I watched the waxing moon ride across the zenith of the heavens like an amber chariot towards the ebony void of infinite space wherein the tethered belts of Jupiter and Mars hang, for ever festooned in their orbital majesty. And as I looked at all this I thought... I must put a roof on this toilet. -Les Dawson

The past and immediate future of Mars' exploration major events put into one place. Looking back at the past is reassuring, while looking forward into the future of Mars' exploration is thrilling and anticipated with excitement by many.

These are the past and future rovers used to explore Mars. Hopefully our future rovers will be better equipped with better technology and uncover more than we already know.

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