No Knock Raid By Lindy Vopnfjörð


2011 | Folk

“This is a war, and this is your fate. -- We are the face of your new police state. -- We are the law, and we’ve got the guns. -- Statutory powers, mandatory minimums.”


  • Lindy sang in an Icelandic folk group as a child, and later co-founded the folk-rock group Northern Junk with his brother in the early 1990s.
  • He was also a member of the indie rock band Major Maker. Their single "Rollercoaster" hit Billboard's Canadian Hot 100 chart.
  • His grandfather, Axel Vopnfjörð, was a prominent figure in the Icelandic Canadian community, who served as president of the Icelandic Canadian Club.


Luke Tatum

Chilling, to say the very least. This is one song that really speaks for itself. There's no clever metaphor. It's just a sad, sad song about one of the grossest abuses of power out there. This write-up is a short one, but all I can say is, simply: Listen close, and don't forget that there is no law so ridiculous that the state will not kill to enforce it.

Sherry Voluntary

Honestly, I couldn’t finish this video. I just can’t take the violence and meanness today. I’m sure glad this song and it’s accompanying video are out there though. It seems more and more people are waking up to the utter insanity of the war on drugs. I believe this failed attempt at saving people from themselves has been more devastating to freedom than any other war or legislation in US history. It has given license for The State and it’s agents to utterly trample and destroy the constitution that many love so much. Not only have the effects been terrible here, the tentacles have reached into foreign lands and governments to terrorize those people. When talking to any “patriot” you can find out real quick if they actually love freedom, or if they are just state worshipping control freaks, by this one subject. If you care about freedom, and abhor tyranny, you must be against the war on drugs.

Nicky P

This was a difficult one to watch. Few things make my blood boil quite like police abuses. This one has led to the death of far too many innocent people who’s only crime was self defense. When they burst in and you grab your legal protection to protect yourself from violent intruders you’ve given them all the probable cause they need to start firing. The only positive to having a family member in law enforcement is getting to shit on them when inevitably some asshole with a badge murders someone I can...make my less than pleasant feelings known.

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Nicky P

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