Who am i? Edmundo sanchez

i chose this picture because james harden is my favorite basketball player in the nba. hes basketball skills arent only what i like about this guy. This guy is very down to earth and quite just like me.

who am ? i am just a quite kid who plays basketball from San Antonio Texas. I was raised like any typical kid , spoiled and had everything handed to me. But by the time i got old enough to realize it i noticed bieng spoiled and getting everything handed to me was a bad thing. I honestly think im to young to say who i am , ik for a fact im gonna change whem im older.

i chose this picture cause im just a ordinary kid who plays video games.

who do other people think i am? other people think of me as a quite bad kid. like because im in alternative and cause i smoke weed but i am actually the opposite. I love to talk and be loud but i just have to get confortable with that person first. and im not a bad kid i stay home weekdays and weekends just playing my game.

i chose this picture becuase i am never like this guy two face.

who do i pretend to be? i pretend to be nobody but myself all the time no matter what. when im with my family ofc i could be myself , with my friends i can be myself and strangers i can be myself but i hold back a little cause i dont know you.

i chose this picture because kodak black has a perfect life

who do i want to be ? I want to be kodak black only because his music is like no other person i have ever heard including biggie and tupac. his life is so perfect hes living so good , he has all this money and girls it must be a amazing feeling.

i chose this picture because little yachty doesnt care what people think about him he just stays him.

am i one person or do i wear multiple faces? i am one person. i help my mom with my siblings, i help my mom around the house , im a big help to my friends , im a good student and a very hard worker.

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