STEEPLE enviormental Factors

Social Factors:

• 600 inhabitants of which 60 per cent Welsh speaking

• 0.7% average decrease in population per year. Negatively impacts the shop as it means their customers are decreasing.

• 5 000 - 10 000 citizens in three small towns that surround the village

• some inhabitants of the village work in 'light industry' in towns close by. Workers can find it more effective to use the post office in those towns

• 1/3 of the village population is retired

The aging population means that business cannot udergo technologica renovation as majority of their customers will not be familiar with it.

Technological Factors:

• System of work: under the license of the 'Post Office'. They do not regulate the entire business. If the need of the bigger towns creates a demand for changing policies it can influence the profit they make.

• Secondary they sell basic groceries, tobacco, sweets, soft drinks, toys... The farmer that sells milk became their competitior

• 1 part time assistant who works morning shifts on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This creates problems if they do not have anybody to replace him in case of sickness.

• They go to cash and carry for supplies on Tuesday


During an economic growth there would be an increased consumption of goods and services which can create potential customers for post office.

The post office can benefit from being close to a coastal resort because during holidays and weekends they can generate money from the people who are staying in the resort and also because of the passing trade.

Enviornmental Factors:

The village has an agricultural sector in farming and food processing though in 2001 that sector was hit with foot and mouth. This meant that this sector would not be able to run the farm and process food as they would usually do. Others who live in the village would have to get their meat from elsewhere and this means that the shop could lose out on customers as there would be more people leaving the village to do their shopping rather than shopping from their locals.

Another environmental factor is that the local farmer that does the milk round has also started carrying groceries on his round. This could affect the shop because it means that less people will be leaving their house to grocery shop and will get their items brought to them. So walking past the post office and going in will not be happening and this will mean that the sub post office will have a significant decrease in the amount of people that enter the shop.

Number of the houses are now holiday homes. This creates a problem for the shop because the people comming there are not actual customers that they can count on.


The population of the village has declined in the past twenty years, many houses are now weekend holiday cottages and a third of the village are retired. This change in the village lifestyle could be due to changes that have happened within the country such as the government making laws on housing arrangements. It is now a lot more expensive to buy a house and now these houses have to be made into holiday houses. Having a declined population already means that the shop is losing customers and will continue to if the decline continues. The fact that houses are also holiday homes also means that there is not always going to be a guaranteed amount of people living in the village and this makes the shop not sure about how they will perform.

The size of the village means if natural disasters should strike for example extreme flooding which has been experienced in the past by small villages the post office not only needs a preparation plan but the post office will no longer be something of use whilst dealing with a disaster their services is not a necessity and business will suffer


The Fletchers have a part-time employee that deals with the passing trade and to also watch the shop. Employment law would come into this which involves the type of relationship between employers and employees. What the employers can expect from employees, what employers can ask employees to do, and the employees' rights at work. It is vital the Fletchers are following this law or it could mean that they lose the employee and jeopardise the success of their business even more as the reputation could b affected.


Can be harder to promote diversity in the organisation because of the small population of the village.

It would be difficult to recruit people from the other towns because of the distance and limited services to the village. Which would also make it harder for them to create a more diverse workforce.

They should hire more staff who speak Welsh to cover more days of the week because Mr and Mrs fletcher will find it hard to communicate with 60% of the population in the village who speak welsh and they do not.

This will improve communication between the business and their customers who speak which is good for customer satisfaction.

However, a disadvantage of hiring more staff would mean the business would lose money on wages.

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