Third Grade Horizons HEadlines April 14, 2017


Citizenship and Mailbox Items

Due to Mr. Stroud's Friday meeting, citizenship and mailbox items will go home on Monday.

ISTEP Next Week

We will test over the next two weeks. The week of April 17th, we will test Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The week of the 24th, we will test Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

If you would like to see what your child's ISTEP experience will be like, click HERE. Feel free to go through this with your child.

Tips for doing your best:

  • Keep a consistent bedtime each night and get lots of sleep.
  • Create time for your child to relax by doing a preferred activity, reading a book, playing a board game, etc.
  • Nutrition is important! Lots of protein in the morning will stay with them through the test. Avoid sugary cereals and juices.
  • Limit the electronics and video games,especially before bed.

Expectations for Work

The vast majority of assignments and projects can be completed in class. Here are a list of items that we do bi-weekly:

  • Stems Tracker
  • POW
  • Cursive
  • Stems Quiz

Each week we do:

  • DMR/DLR and Quiz
  • Reading Comprehension

We had a conversation about QUALITY work this week. These are the expectations:

  1. Name, Student Number, Date
  2. Everything is answered, support given for each answer
  3. Correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
  4. Answers make sense and have detail
  5. This is my best work

If you have questions, let me know. Here is the SOAP rubric

Wayne Twitter Chats

The MSD of Wayne Township hosts a weekly Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 8 P.M. Teachers, administrators, and school personnel discuss topics relevant to the Wayne Township community. Search for the hashtag #WeAreWayne and join us in the conversation!


If you have a change in your child’s transportation from school, please inform me via note or email BEFORE 2:00. Alternatively, you may contact the office directly and they will let me know.

Curriculum Updates


  • Nonfiction Text Structures
  • Making Connections Through the Curriculum
  • Response to Literature
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Opinions
  • Structure


  • Math Journal Work
  • Fractions: Conceptual Work
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Finding Patterns
  • Fact Fluency Assessments
  • Computational Fluency
  • Problem of the Week: Camera
  • Timed Tests


  • What is government?
  • Government Structure: Executive, Legislative, Judicial Branch
  • Local government
  • Who is responsible for helping us?


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