Why The Arts Matter. The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

The Arts are a catalyst for growth, knowledge and maybe most importantly, hope.

We've learned that students with exposure to The Arts perform higher on the SAT, communities with access to The Arts have lower crime and poverty rates and that creativity is often cited as a top five skill in the business world.

We've also found that even in a world that does its best to discourage and break down, The Arts are a consistent light into the best parts of the human experience.

That's why The Pavilion exists to put The Arts in your hands.

Here's How:

We present a diverse offering of performing arts.

Not just symphonies, not just rock 'n' roll. We think it's important that people have access to all kinds of performing arts - that belief is deeply apparent in each of our season's lineups.

We act as a catalyst for new audiences and enhance appreciation for The Arts.

We don't want people to just see The Arts; we want them to fall in love. When you're standing on our lawn listening to your favorite band on a cool night at the end of September, it's hard to do anything else.

We provide educational programs about the performing arts.

We firmly believe that if you put The Arts in the hands of a child, there's no telling how far they'll take it. It's hope, tense as the strings of a violin and wonderfully prepared to be played. That's why we're committed to providing an array of educational opportunities each year - we think it makes a difference.

We provide training and performance opportunities for young artists.

The Arts aren't meant to be kept behind closed doors. They're best out in the open, under the stars, in front of audiences that can be inspired and dazzled. That's why we connect experienced artists with developing students and give both a bevy of opportunities to perform. What happens as a result is always amazing.

We believe The Arts are a tangible, crucial part of creating a hope-filled world.

It's not about talent or flash. It's about having the grit to tackle a challenge, the commitment to learn something new and the motivation to create something world-changing.

It's about The Arts.

We need your help to make it happen.

The Pavilion is a non-profit organization that operates on generous donations and strong volunteer support, as well as proceeds from our shows. Without support from these key people - people like you - The Pavilion couldn't put The Arts in the hands of the people who need it most.

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