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Sharing different tools and projects that can potentially be used in a classroom.

My philosophy is classroom technology.

I am a very organized and creative individual, I have always wanted to become a teacher and a coach. I cannot wait to have my own classroom and use these resources in my classroom.

ThingLink Interactive Image: ThingLink is a tool that gives someone the opportunity to introduce themselves with a different tool than just writing three paragraphs about themselves, they can use pictures and use links for people to better get to know them. I used ThingLink to help others get to know me better.

Google Form: I made a Google Form about getting to know someone better, which was a more fun and easier way to get kids involved. The students could make quiz's for each other to take to get them more involved and using the technology rather than just using their words and being too shy to ask any questions.

Performance Objectives and Assessments: In this document I used standards for 1st grade math practice and wrote out step by step the standard and what I was going to be expecting from the students. This is helpful in many different ways, a couple being if you have a sub this would be step by step for them and also another thing it could come in useful for is if your boss wanted something wrote out with the objectives. For them to understand more of what you're teaching and making sure you are touching base on everything that needs touched on.

Roller Coaster PBL: The roller coaster PBL was to get the students working together and in a group and follow the directions specifically. I found it very helpful and hope that someday I can use it in my classroom for the kids to do and for parents to come watch what they've put together with teamwork and patience.

Digital Media/Assistive Technology: I used Digital Media/Assistive Technology to show people more about read and write for google chrome. This could become helpful someday in a classroom because the teacher could have something on the computer and record her word while walking the children through the project and be able to record it and use it over and over again.

QR/AR: This QR/AR I used for math practice for students to be able to answer the question and then check the QR/AR to check their answer to make sure they're right. QR/AR come in handy for the teacher not always having to be right there and having the children use technology to look at answers, or watch videos for them to do a project.

Pixton comic: The pixton comic is a more fun and interacting way to get children involved in something. I turned a classroom rule into a piston comic for the children to read and laugh with so that they always remember the classroom rule.

Digital Storyboard: The Digital Storyboard was used to teach a class a lesson in a more fun way rather than just standing at the front being boring and talking about it. We used our digital storyboard to talk about plagiarism and why it's bad.

Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark is used to make powerpoint visuals for anything and everything. I used it for objectives for students and teachers. Students could use Adobe Spark for group projects, it is a very organized and easy to use site.

Scratch: Scratch is a tool to use creativity to create a storyboard of something that children can come up with in their mind. I used scratch for a dog going towards food and a ball and students would have to predict that he would keep going back for the food and not the ball.

Promethean Board: Promethean Board is a tool used for people to come up with presentations and gives you tool to make a very successful powerpoint/slides. I used the promethean board tool to come up with a handful of slides for 1st grade student with links to worksheets and youtube videos that they could use helpful in the classroom.

Tech Resources

Google Form resource to help you create a google form in a classroom.

Scratch resource to help you learn how to use scratch and create your own project.

Thing link resource to teach you more about what thing link is all about and how you can use it in your classroom.

Pixton Comic hints and tools to creating a pixton the easiest way possible.

Promethean Project tools and helpful hints on how to create a project.

Adobe Spark video to get you more familiar with the atmosphere adobe offers.

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