The Potawatomi people by: santi


Imagine having to go to war to protect your family just because the Europeans tried to take your land. That is what the potawatomi people had to do to survive. I will be teaching you the lifestyle, history, and lodging of potawatomi people. These things are important because history teaches you a lot of good and bad things that the Potawatomi tribe did. Also lifestyle tells you what the Potawatomi people do to have fun and survive day to day. Finally lodging tells you what they live in and what they made their houses out of. The Potawatomi tribe is very fascinating.


Some of their housing and what they made them out of will be in this section.

Where they lived.The Potawatomi people lived in Wisconsin so they could have the great lakes near them to have water. Also the Potawatomi people lived in wigwams and lodges.They also lived near the edge of rain forest and near rivers and streams so they can live near lots and lots of water. Finally they made their houses out of small branches and bark. The potawatomi people made great houses with bark and small branches.

This is a picture of a wigwam
this is a map of where the potawatomi people lived


This is about what the Potawatomi people did.The Potawatomi kids helped around the house with their moms. Also they played with each other and went to school. They also liked to go hunting and fishing.They also liked to camp outdoors and play with dolls. The older kids liked to play lacrosse. These people liked to do fun things.


The Potawatomi people ate lots of cool and weird things.One of the things they ate was corn from the plants that grew.They also ate squash and beans.They also ate tobacco and fish.Finally they ate deer and buffalo. These people ate lots of cool things.


They used lots of cool weapons.One of the weapons they used was a bow and arrow.They also used wooden clubs. They also used spears to catch fish.These people used lots of cool weapons.


They played many cool games. One of the games they played was lacrosse but mostly the older kids play that.They also played with dolls but mostly girls played that.Finally they went hunting but mostly the boys did that.These people did many cool games.


There was a lot of great history about the Potawatomi tribe.One great thing about their history is their seasons are very important to them because in the summer it helps them hunt so that there is not snow.Another great thing is,potawatomi means "fire keepers".Finally their chief is Gitchie manitou. The Potawatomi people have great history.


There are many reasons why potawatomi people are great.One reason is the older kids play what we still play today.In order to keep the potawatomi people alive keep on doing things they did.Good thing they do cool and fun things that you can do.This tribe is amazing!

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Image of a map that shows where the potawatomi people lived:

Image of the houses that they lived in:


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