Room 6 News/Issue 17 April 27, 2017

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Caldwell Nature Center Field Trip Today

We look forward to learning about animal habitats at Caldwell Nature Center from 9:30-1:30 today. We will explore three habitats: meadow, stream and woods at the nature center as well as play games and make a special craft. Be sure your child has a packed lunch with his/her name on the container as well as a beverage. We will have a snack before our departure and another upon our return. Please dress your child for the weather and in closed toed shoes or boots. A special thank you to our parent volunteers: Mrs. Busemeyer, Mrs. Price, Mr. Silvers and Nana, Sam's grandmother.

Maple Dale Carnival, Friday, April 28

We have had such fun dressing up and getting silly in preparation for the Maple Dale Carnival on Friday. Please come and enjoy the fellowship and fun. Mrs. Hillenbrand planned on volunteering at the Lollipop Station. She will not be able to participate due to the hospitalization of her father and care of her ailing mother that requires her to be out of town . She will miss being a part of this lively event and wishes everyone a most special time!

NO Kindergarten, Friday, May 5

Current kindergartners will not attend school on Friday, May 5. Kindergarten Orientation for incoming kindergartners for the 2017-18 school year will be taking place. School is in session for all other students. Our dear kindergartners will be the only students to have the day off. Have a great time together reading books, creating stories and gathering memories.

End of Year Celebration, Wednesday, May 24, 2:45

Mark your calendar to attend an end of year celebration in our classroom on the afternoon of May 24, 2:45 until dismissal. Kindergartners will host a readers and writers tea. We look forward to sharing our learning with our parents and bidding farewell to our classmates in a special way.

Special Reminder - Mrs. Hillenbrand - Out of Town

Mrs. Hillenbrand will not be at school on Thursday, May 25. She regrets missing the final day of school with her special, special, special students, however, she will be on her way to Lewiston, Maine, for her son, Ian's graduation at Bates College. Thank you for your understanding and for knowing how much Mrs. Hillenbrand wishes she could be in both places at the same time.

Earth Day

Kindergartners learned about Earth Day and special ways we each can make a difference to take care of our world. We enjoyed looking at books, a video and our class magazine to learn about caring for our earth. We are creating a special display of helping hands telling how we will help. We will plan to collect trash on our school playground and feed the birds as a way to work together for the welfare of our world.


Please keep sending Box Tops for our School


I Can Statements for this Week


I cans and answer questions about what I read.

I can spell words with long and short sounds.

I can understand what I read.


I can separate words by spaces in my writing.

I can put a period at the end of each sentence.

I can put a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence.

I can write information text.


I can name and describe attributes of three dimensional shapes: cube, sphere, cone and cube.

I can represent join, separate and part-whole situations with stories, drawings, role-playing and number sentences.

I can build models of two dimensional shapes.

I can compose and decompose two-dimensional shapes.


Words to read and write independently










































Special Dates/Reminders

  • Thursday, April 27, Field Trip to Caldwell Nature Center
  • Friday, April 28, Maple Carnival
  • Friday, May 7, NO SCHOOL FOR Current KINDERGARTNERS due to Kindergarten Orientation
  • Wednesday, May 24, End of Year Celebration, 2:45 - dismissal; Parents invited
  • Thursday, May 25, Last Day of School - Mrs. Hillenbrand departs for Bates College graduation

Literacy Learning

We have grown as readers in so many wonderful ways. Everyone is reading books at increased levels with increased understanding and continued passion. We are reading with increased stamina. We started the year trying to read for five minutes, now we just can't bear to stop when 20 or 30 minutes have gone by! We are AVID readers. Our recent focus is to build comprehenders. Often new readers believe reading is reading lots of books really fast. While we want our students to read lots of books and to read fluently, we also want them to think, remember, connect, question, compare, infer and predict. We want our students to comprehend. As a result, we have been really practicing with partners, introducing our books, stopping to study and think about the information in the illustrations, asking questions, thinking about what will happen next and retelling what we have read. We are also working on conveying meaning by reading with expression and attention to the punctuation.

Writing Workshop

We continue to work on how to books. We have added dedications and now are working on adding periods and capital letters in the correct places. We are also working extra hard to make sure there are no capital letters in the middle of words. We really want other readers to be able to read our writing.

Books We Enjoyed at Read Aloud Time

I See a Kookaburra, Jenkins

Listen to Our World, Martin and Sampson

10 Things I Can Do to Help My World, Walsh

The Earth Book, Parr

I Took a Walk, Cole



We are exploring strategies and representations that can be used to solve joining and separating problem situations. We have had fun with the song, "Five Little Speckled Frogs" as we are introduced to situations of "take away". We have enjoyed watching an animated version of this song from Little Baby Bum. Google it and enjoy with your kindergartner!

Congratulations Student of the Week


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