PLAYING WITH FIRE Gail anderson-dargatz

Basic Info: A reporter by the name of Claire Abbott is conflicted between the two guys she truly likes. However, the hunk Firefighter, Trevor, and the Investigator Matt find that they should compete to win her over. She's conflicted with her options and each of them have their flaws. They're all joined in the book to help "solve" the problem and catch the Firebug. The end takes an unexpected turn and ends with a surprise.
PLOT SUMMARY AND PRIMARY CONFLICT:In the book Claire finds herself investigating what seems like a never ending problem. Between her life problems to the town being in danger she gets quite stressed. She has what could be considered premonitions when she touches items that have been in contact with the suspects. Her mind then plays out what it thinks happened and each scenario that could have happened. Some innocent were accused and some guilty were let off the hook.
THEME: The moral of the story is, never cover for any bodys mistakes no matter the circumstances. It may seem like the thing to do at the moment but in the end it only hurts everyone else and yourself.
BIOGRAPHY: Gail Dargatz is a 53 year old Canadian writer. she was born November 14, 1963 in British Columbia. She studied creative writing at the University of Victoria. Since her studies she has released over 8 short stories.
QUOTES FROM THE BOOK: "but i saw both of you at those fires."pg: 40- she can see in the back of her mind the story behind the fires and who was there. "I saw her standing right there with a jerry can in her hand. the building was on fire."pg 40-also sees the moment happen in her mind. "Trevor just stopped that fire from spreading to the restaurant. Now you're giving him hell for being here. You're just jealous." pg: 55
My opinion and Genre: I personally think this book is on the list of my top favorites. It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. I would mainly recommend this book to people who like suspense and like mystery.
Vocabulary: gaze: to look steadily with fixed attention bachelor apartment- a small studio apartment. Arsonist- someone who starts fire. Jerry can- a can specifically to hold gas. Billowing- getting increasingly larger/ adding up. Brazen-acting or done in a very open and shocking way without shame or embarrassment.
PRIMARY CONFLICT AND RESOLUTION: the major conflict throughout this book is that there is a firebug on the loose and they're setting fires across the town. Reporters and investigators work to their widths end to help save the town from this devastation. In the end, they finally end up catching the arsonist.


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