Who Am I? Elizabeth Mosqueda

Table Of Contents

1. Who I Thought I Was Before Entering This Class.

2. Analyzing My C.S.I Results

3. What Careers From My Results Do I Like?

4. What Education Is Required?

5. What Schooling Options Am I Willing To Consider?

6. What Companies Would I Like To Work For?

Who I Thought I Was...

My Strengths:

I am lazy, and because of this I find quicker and easier ways to get things done, Cheer, Strong,

My Weaknesses:

Sleeping, Procrastinating, Very forgetful


Attend C.S.I./ Major in criminal Justice/ Forensics


Major in Forensic Toxicology/ & Live in California

Analyze My C.S.I. Results

I think that I am very investigative and persuasive when it comes down to it. I would definitely agree.


If anything, I am more investigative that enterprising. I think investigative should have been higher.

Workplace and Importance Locator

I personally love a little competition, and for support I definitely agree.

Career Cluster

This one I disagree with, Investigative is what I am mostly interested in, not in arts.

What Careers From My Results Interest Me

Forensics interests me, preferably Forensic Toxicology

What Education Is Required?

Minimal is a Bachelor's Degree

Also you must major in chemistry or should have taken Chemistry classes

What Schooling Options Am I Willing To Consider?

I will be attending C.S.I. for 2 years- Criminal Justice

I then will go to a 4 year university, not sure which university yet though.

What Companies Would I Like To Work For?


R.T.I. International

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