Mission Statement

Our goal is to introduce a new style of gaming to players. A style that makes them think and make decisions that force them to lead their gaming adventure instead of following someone else’s. We will make it so that once a player is done with our game, they can truly reflect on the decisions and see how that reflects their own life.

On what appears to be an average, rainy day turns out to be the beginning of an adventure that you can't even imagine. You start out the game walking to your car on a rainy day when you notice a note lying on the ground with the words reading "YOU'RE BEING WATCHED." From that point forward it is up to you as the player to decide what to do with this note. Do you decide to advance on it? Leave it the note on the ground? You decide. From here on out, you make the game, with a little guided help in the beginning from the makers of the game. Always Watching lets YOU write the story as YOU want it. And when you're done, play it again. With the endless combinations of choices you could make in the game, you never now what might happen at the end of the game.

Real Reviews

"I've read through most of the text-adventures. They were all really good"

- Gaming Enthusiast, Christopher Stuart

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