Cut down trees for more shelters

I think trees should be able to be cut down because it provides buisnesses and homes for people in need.
such asĀ in document 8 it says "Honduras (79.1%), Nicaragua (67.4%), Paraguay (61.8%), Bolivia (61.2%), Ecuador (60.2%), Guatemala (60.4%), Colombia (54.9%) y El Salvador (49.9%), are on the top of the poverty list among the countries of Latin America with the highest poverty rates. Other countries like Peru (49%), Venezuela (48.5%) y Mexico (42.3%) were indicated as having high levels of poverty. This report indicates that at 11.4% Uruguay has the lowest poverty rate in Latin America. This is followed by Chile with a poverty rate of 20% and Costa Rica with 21.7%. The countries occupying the middle positions of this poverty scale are Brazil (36.9%) and Panama (30.8%). The drastic magnitude of change in the poverty rates for some countries is alarming, they reflect significant deteriorations of economic and social indicators in a short time: Country Poverty % Year Argentina 19.7 30.3 1999 2001 Uruguay 9.4 11.4 1999 2001 ". which basically says its good trees are being cut down


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