Agar Masters Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Project.

Early Literacy

My name is Agaru Masters, I am a magazine and writing major. I began my digital writing literacy in 200. The first time I was introduced to writing technology was in the first grade. My mother bought a typewriter. Initially I thought of it as a toy but as time went on I grew more and interested in the typewriter. I wrote my first story in 2000, It was poorly written and misspelled. As time went on I eventually became becoming more familiar with using typewriters and wrote more stories. It was difficult at first learning how to actually type, but my mother was patient and I became more and more familiar using typewriters.

Digital Writing.

I grew up in Jamaica, so technology was not introduced to me in elementary school. I didn’t begin using computers in the learning environment until I came to the U.S. in the eighth grade. For my history class, we were required to create a PowerPoint presentation on famous Latin American, writers. At first the project seemed impossible for me to complete, because I had no prior experience using computers. We did not get a tutorial in class on how to create a PowerPoint in class, my father previously showed me how to use YouTube, and search for tutorials. I learned how to create a power point and how to place videos in them.

Ain the 10th grade PowerPoints were no longer accepted by my teachers, as an alternative presentation method, I started using for constructing presentation. It was much easier and visually appealing then PowerPoints.

When I got to college I started using other forms of digital literacy. IMovie was a major tool in digital literacy for WRT courses at SU.

Social Media

Social media is a massive part of digital Literacy. I started using social media in 2011, the first social media platform I used was Facebook. At first Facebook was a cool way to keep up with friends and family, but now Facebook have become a massive marketing tool. More and more advertiser turn to Facebook to direct traffic to their website. Facebook was never intended for those purposes but eventually became utilized to track internet usage and public interest. I am a writer so I do not utilize Facebook within my digital literacy unless it is advertising for up and coming projects.

A year later I joined Twitter, as a writing and magazine major who wishes to pursue a career in the magazine industry, Twitter is extremely useful many publication rely on Twitter as a faster median of communication. I personally only use twitter for work or school related projects. Twitter is not a digital literacy platform I find very useful because of the character restriction. It teaches writers including myself, how to edit down large text and convey the message within 144 characters or less. For a writing class in high school we had to tell a story with a beginning middle and end writing ten Tweets. This taught me how to edit and tell long stories through short post

Instagram is a huge part of my professional and personal life. I have over 4000 followers with creates a large following for my modeling. I began modeling in 2014. I use Instagram to connect with photographers, stylist and designers.

Blog: I created my First Blog in WRT 302. Analyzing beauty from a universal view point. Historically beauty has been socially constructed, a concept crated to oppress women all over the world. The perception of beauty is evolutionary and ever changing. Before society can analyze the concept of what beauty is, it is important to look at the foundation of beauty a. social constructions create standards for beauty and imposed it on women. Throughout the course of history, we will examine different cultures and the numerous beauty rituals women have designed to make themselves beautiful in the perception of men.

Every week Masters Beauty Site, Is a universal beauty block that talks about the problems women face politically, socially and economically. Every week the Masters Beauty Blog will highlight a different country around the world and talk about the issues the women of that country face. women across the world and talk about what standard of beauty they adapt to, their cultural expectations along with historical facts.

Society often only examine western societies ideal vision of beauty. Studies conducted by Brunel University, revealed that when people across the world was asked what is their preference of beauty a variety of preferences was found. Masters Beauty Site breaks boundaries and highlights everyone and show her in a positive light.

Online Publications.

I am currently the Assistant Art Director for University Girl Magazine. My job involves a lot of typing and use of technology. A typical working for UGirl Magazine involves scooting models whether its online through platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook or walking around campus looking for fresh faces. I will choice -2-3 photo story ideas for Style, Feel Good or College Life sections -2 story ideas for Girl Talk section


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