Southern Utah Woodturners June 2021 Newsletter

Dedicated to promoting woodturning in Southern Utah through educational demos, classes & fellowship between members. "Learning Through Turning"

Our Club Meetings are both in person and on Zoom the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9 am. In person is at Cedar City High School (703 W 600 S Cedar City, UT 84720) in the woodshop classroom (North Side of Building, use the back door by the large dust collector). The link to the Zoom meeting will be emailed to members prior to meeting. Visit our website at https://www.southernutahwoodturners.com. Email us at suwtclub@gmail.com

An American Association of Woodturners Chapter Since May 2010

Message From the President

Thank you thank you for a great meeting I really enjoyed it I hope you guys did too.

Our July meeting will have our very own Leon Olson who will be demonstrating off-center turning and if we’re lucky he’ll even bring us his homemade chuck that is an engineering marvel.

I want to give a special shout out and thanks to the two members who talk to me after the last meeting, and gave constructive criticism on how we could improve. Thank you very much I will take your suggestions seriously.

Time to start thinking about club officers. Talk to your fellow woodturners about how the club is being run and how it could be better.

Remember this club is your club and can only be as good as the effort you put into it. See you on July 10th at our regular club meeting.

Secretary Note: Passed and approved unanimously that the club pays the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) dues for the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary as long as they are in their elected position. Because I am the one making this proposal, I, (Bill Vincent), will not have the SUWT club pay my AAW dues now or in the future.

Like many clubs we are currently experiencing a challenging time to get an additional people to run for elected office, this includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. For us to maintain our club membership in the AAW the officers must be members of the AAW.

We want to make sure that no one is hesitant about running for office because of the annual $60 expense in joining the AAW.

Officers & Contacts

Please send any submissions, corrections, or comments about the newsletter to Aaron Bryan at woodturnergeek@gmail.com

Special Notices

NEW! Please join the new SUWT Facebook Group! Here's the link to the Private Group on Facebook. You can use Facebook to share what you're working on, ask questions, encourage others, and learn about upcoming meetings and events. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1026604004489417/

We are making the application for membership to Southern Utah Woodturners available on our website as well as including with the newsletter mailing as a separate attachment. Please mail form, with dues check ($30) for 2021, to Glenn Pearson at the address on the application so he may update our records for the membership roster.


Locke Ettinger is offering wood from a retiring woodturner who is getting rid of lots of wood - aspen, cedar, etc with some already turned. You can contact him at 435-632-3116.

Aaron Bryan also has lots of recently cut down Bradford Pear, Ash, and Birch. You can text him at 435-201-3069 to get his address to stop by any time.

Clinic with Lloyd Johnson of WoodturnerPro

  • 1-Day Clinic
  • Location: Home of Don Smith in Cedar City - 4393 W. 1325 S., Cedar City, UT 84720
  • Date: Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 9 AM - it is ok to arrive early
  • Cost: $100 per attendee. Please make your checks payable to Southern Utah Woodturners Club for $100.00 and mail the checks to Jeff Blonder at 3284 W 2900 S Hurricane UT 84737.
  • Demonstration of open segmented bowl and lamination
  • If you have one, please bring your laptop
  • Notify Jeff Blonder if you plan on attending
  • Anyone who commits to the Oct 9th 1 day clinic can purchase Lloyd's complete software package at regular value of $139 for just $69.50 - 50% off! The complete software package includes Segment Pro, 3D Design Pro, Woodturner Pro, and Lamination Pro.

Monthly Presentation: Chucking Techniques

Presented by Ken Ragsdale

The demonstration this month was on Chucking and Mounting pieces and was presented by Ken Ragsdale.

There are many ways to mount a piece on a lathe using various chucking techniques. They include, but are not limited to Longworth chucks, Cole Jaws, Collet Chucks, Donut Chucks, Soft Wood Chucks, Ring Faceplates, Jamb Chucks, Screw Chucks (Worm Chucks), Double Sided strong tape.

Longworth Chucks open and close all rubber stoppers simultaneously around the piece. Cole Jaws' stoppers must me moved into position and screwed uniformly around the piece. Donut Chucks encase the piece like a sandwich leaving the foot of the piece sticking out to be worked on. Ring faceplates have a dovetail ridge to expand your jaws into so if you have to take your piece off, it recenters itself when you put it back on the lathe.

Care should be taken around any type of chuck so no bodily appendages are damaged or removed. When using larger chucks like Cole Jaws or Longworth chucks, speeds should be lower in the range of 600-900 rpms. Refer to your manufacturer's recommended speeds for your specific chuck. In most cases, the maximum recommended speed is listed on the chuck itself.

To save time and hassle if you have multiple chucks, it is a best practice to size the minimum and max grip sizes of your chucks onto a paper so you have them for reference.

Green wood, or twice turned bowls will require a larger tenon because you need to recut it when it has dried and warped.

Faceplates are good to use for turning large items and can be removed or parted off once you have a tenon or mortise to grab onto the piece.

To prevent marring your pieces, wrap tape around either your tenon or jaws (for mortises). You can also use sticky backed cloth foam or non slip mats between your chuck, tailstock or Jamb chuck to prevent damage to your piece. If using a live center in your tailstock, you can use a piece of plastic, leather or rubber to prevent damage to your piece.

Tailstocks should be used with jaws.

You can get multiple #2 mortise tailstock adapters to move your tailstock further away from your piece.

When purchasing items like cole jaws, take note that a 14" diameter does not mean you will be able to use them to turn or finish a 14" bowl.

Jaws are specific to the chuck and in almost all cases are NOT interchangeable.

The following applications were recommended if using a glue block or waste block: High temperature hot glue - NOT regular hot glue; newspaper, double sided joint tape such as carpenter's tape, Duck Tape at Walmart.

Leon explained that the strongest chuck is a Collet Chuck. He demonstrated how they work and the benefits of using one.

In this month's Tips and Tricks, Leon guides us through all the types of chucks available on the market today with a nice spreadsheet view of sizes, prices and more.

Bill and Ken Explaining a Donut Chuck

Examples of Chucks

Top Left to Right: Cole Jaws; Longworth chuck, Homemade wooden four jaw chuck; Jam Chuck Bottom Left to Right Part of Ring Faceplate; Part of a Homemade Vacuum Chuck; Homemade Faceplate; Collet Chuck

Websites, Tools & Products Discussed

Walmart Double Sided Duct Tape: Walmart Duct Tape

Rockler Longworth Chuck: https://www.rockler.com

Rockler Cole Jaws: https://www.rockler.com

Much more details on Chucks in the Tips and Tricks section below!

Show and Tell

Members of the club are encouraged to submit photos and a description of the species and design of their work. Please submit these to Aaron Bryan at woodturnergeek@gmail.com no later than the 20th of each month.

Bill Vincent showing off a beaded bowl
Grant Johnson showing off his skills with this beautiful platter
Ken Ragsdale showing off his Norfolk Pine piece
Ken Ragsdale showing off his Beading piece
Brent Ross showing off his Bowl from a Butcher Block
Eileen Gerloff showing off her Lidded Box
Bruce Sharp showing off his Pecan Goblet
Karl McMillin showing off his latest piece
Locke Ettinger showing off a beautiful bowl


Top to Bottom; Left to Right Ken Ragsdale - Silver Maple, Norfolk Island Pine; Grant Johnson - Mahogany, Cherry, Holly; Bill Vincent - Two bowls made of wood; Brent Ross - Various Woods from Cutting Block, Eucalyptus, Walnut, Unknown wood; Bruce Sharp - Cedar, Pecan; Eileen Gerloff - Mesquite/Maple

Tips and Tricks

Four Jaw Chucks By Leon Olson

When I started wood turning there were no chucks. All we had were jam chucks on a face plate. Over 35 years ago someone redesigned a metal holding chuck in two ways. There are four self-centering jaws instead of three. The jaws have large surfaces for holding wood. The first one I used was in a class at Woodcraft. It was not long before my bowl blank went flying, twice. The teacher suggested the Oneway Talon chuck. That chuck stopped flying blanks. I have two Talon chucks and I like them, however, had I known then what I know now, I would have Vicmarc chucks.

The most important issue with any chuck is how well it holds. Next is versatility. What types of jaws are there? How much wood is required for holding? Vicmarc leads the market in both holding and versatility. Others have similar jaws, the question is do they work as well as Vicmarc jaws. Allan head screws attach the jaws to the chuck but there are three chucks* with jaws that snap in and out. When we turn wet wood, the screws can rust. You can prevent that by using an anti-locking compound on the screws. Next is price, some consider this the first criteria. The following chart lists all of the four jaw chucks I could find for sale in the USA. The prices are from March 2021. Some chucks are ready to use, some are not. You have to be careful that you are getting a chuck with jaws and threads for your spindle. The price listed includes all the required parts. The * marks chucks with snap in and out jaws.

Jaw Price Comparison

Suppliers by distance from Cedar City: Woodworkers Emporium (Las Vegas, NV); Craft Supplies USA (Provo, UT); Woodcraft (SLC, UT); Rockler; Grizzly Industrial; Acme Tools; Packard Woodworks; Penn State Industries; The Woodturning Store. Some chucks are only found at one supplier. Three brands have jaws that are interchangeable: Record Power; Nova; Robert Sorby. The max opening depends on the set of jaws. Some chucks have direct threads and or inserts. If you have a small lathe and your chuck has a threaded insert, if you get a full size lathe you only need to change the insert, not get a new chuck or an adaptor. You can buy a chuck body, an insert and the jaws you want to get a larger size chuck for less than a regular chuck since it will not include the woodworm screw.

Chuck Jaws by Brand

If you have questions on this month's Tips & Tricks, email Leon Olson at leonolson@aol.com.

Why We Live in Southern Utah

Henderson Hill. Photo by Glenn Pearson

June 2021 Club Attendees - Both in Person and via Zoom

Bob Belkowski, Roger Bender, Jeff Blonder, Donald Bosteed, Aaron Bryan, Richard Eastman, Locke Ettinger, Eileen Gerloff, Jack Gunn, Reiner Jakel, Vern Jensen, Grant Johnson, Pete Kaup, Jerry Keller, George Mason, Karl Mcmullin, Leon Olson, Glenn Pearson, Jim Pope, Ken Ragsdale, Brent Ross, Bruce Sharp, Mark Shelton, Todd Thorley, Bill Vincent, Chuck Wadell, Eric Walker, Chuck Zimmerman

Items for Sale by Members

Please submit items for sale to Aaron Bryan (woodturnergeek@gmail.com) before the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter. If you have sold an item listed in the newsletter, please notify Aaron so he can remove it.

For Sale by Will Arcularius, 805-712-2174, arcwerks@scinternet.net

1) Makita Compound Sliding Miter Saw, 12", Model LS1214FL. Excellent Condition. Price: $345

2) Robert Sorby Thread Cutting System. Never Used. Have both the 16 TPI and 20 TPI cutters. See page 20 in Craft Supply Catalog. Sells for $129.95 - Will take $85.

For Sale by Bob Hansen, 928-347-5718, Nova Mercury Variable Speed Mini Lathe with bed extension, 1/2 HP, 8" swing over bed; 14" swing outboard. $300. For more info contact Bob directly.

For Sale by Jim Pope, 435-559-8277, jpsp42@gmail.com

1) SUWT club owned Ryobi biscuit joiner, small assortment of biscuits included. Price: $50 or make offer. Pic Below.

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