Happiness comes in small packages By Ginger Bloemen

A story about homeless people in Berlin who manage to live their lives to the fullest without having lots of materialistic belongings. Most of them only share memories with the world, others spread their love or talent but all of them are happy!

'I just love to make music and entertain other people ! As long as I have my harmonica with me there is nothing that can take my smile away!'

These people live on the streets of Berlin, mostly alone but sometimes in small groups. Since there are only a few shelters in this area and even most of them only allow the homeless people to come there 40 days per year, the people who are living on the streets really have to survive on their own. Only if times really get tough, for example during a really cold winter, they will visit the shelter to have a warm place to sleep.

'Having a dog makes my life so much better! Not only is Luna my best companion she is also my guard at night so I can get some sleep without having to fear anything!'

While talking to these people I noticed that they are actually really positive about their situation. Some of them chose to live on the streets while others didn't have a choice. But after all they don't really seem to have a problem with it, they just deal with the situation and try to make the best out of it.

'I remember an older couple who went shopping here and felt so bad for my situation that they actually bought me a very thick wintercoat to keep me warm. Now, almost six years later, I still wear that coat with love and thankfulness.'

Having a dog as a homeless person means that you will have a companion for life and with most of the people I talked to, companionship is just as important as food or shelter. Dogs provide love, companionship, protection and empower a person to focus on something else than negativity. Even I noticed the protection purpose of a dog while talking to a homeless guy in Berlin. I wanted to have a little chat with him about his life and view on everything and the dog was constantly looking at me with some kind of distrust in his eyes. Once I sat with them for about 30 minutes the dog accepted me and even laid on my lap to get a nice stroke on his belly.

'I found a friend in Sky, a friend I always wished for.'

Even when I offered them something to eat or drink after our conversation they would say no because they were already so glad to have somebody to talk to about life and share love and kindness with others.

'I enjoy life like any others, the only difference is that I enjoy the little things. Like the blossoming flowers during spring or even the happiness on somebody's face when the weather is nice!'

What I mostly admire about these people is the fact that they are so happy with little things, even in a world where materialism is the norm.

'I'm glad to make people happy with my music!'
Created By
Ginger Bloemen

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