Social Labeling By luke cobleigh

Jock was the social label that I chose to do for this

Jock: a person devoted to a specific activity, jockey (definitions found weren't worded so great)

Here's what some people had to say

"Big, bulky athletes in lower classes, not really smart"

"Idiots, bulky, greasy, full of themselves"

"Strong, popular, devoted only to the sport"

"Full of themselves, popular, rude, unmotivated in academics"

"Dumb, don't do homework, party a lot, only care for sports, brag about themselves"

What do I think though?

- Bullying nerds

- Hanging out with other jocks and cheerleaders

- Put sports above everything else including academics

Has a negative reaction when described, but can be positive if you want to play the sport for your career

My Social Label

For my label, I went with loner (it was the only label that made the most sense that I would go in)

Loner: A person who does not want to associate with others

Why I consider myself in this social label?

- I usually don't talk that much

- I sit all by myself a lot

- I'm autistic which could contribute to that

- "a loner is also defined with a person who may not have any friends, but I do have friends even with my autism and continuing the reason why this is the only catergory that made sense to me"

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