4B3 Max Bilas Ellis island

I was in Poland and then I traveled to Ellis Island by ship and it was not a pleasant ride. It was very smelly and dirty. The first thing I saw was the Statue of Liberty. I cried so much when I saw the Statue of Liberty. "My Mom said Jeff that is the Statue of liberty." When we got off It was so crowded. More than a million people came in 1907 and that is when I came. The registry room was the worst they had to button hook your eyelid to see if you had a disease. But when you move to some place in the 1900 it can be really hard. But once you did all of the stops it was a good life and I got the job that I wanted to be a sales man. and now I live in Illinois.

Map of Poland

Poland building

The Poland flag

Pictures of the Statue of liberty

1.The Statue of Liberty wheres a crown with seven rays which stands for the seven continents. 2.She holds a torch which stands for freedom. 3.She has a tablet that says July,4,1776. 4.She stands on a broken chain which stands for freedom

  • I really liked the videos in the Ellis Island web quest
  • I really liked the pictures in the Ellis Island web quest they looked really cool
  • I also liked the experience of ho they had to go into those different



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