Tattoos On The Heart By: andrew fenner

In chapter 6 Jurisdiction Father Gregory speaks of a gang member named Flaco and a rival member named Gato. Flaco is a gang member who was into doing drugs and one night he got high with his friends and ended up in the hospital. The doctors say that they have never seen someone hit with this much impact and survive. The next day father is walking next to the rival gang and one member named gato said that he was glad of what had happened to Flaco, Father then gets very mad at these men who laugh as Flaco is in critical condition. Later Father is going to the hospital and sees Gato and gives him a ride and when Gato leaves he tells father that he didn't mean what he had said and tells father to tell Flaco that he hopes he gets better. Th reason that the cheaper is calle jurisdiction is even though these people were from rival gangs they fell into each other's lives.

In chapter 8 Gladness it speaks of two men who were brothers and had been involved in the gang life all of their life. They had been very involved and were known for it. One day they were on the porch with their younger brother who had not been involved in the gang life and was a good kid when member of the opposite gang shot at the porch where they were sitting and one of the bullets hit their little brother and killed them. These brothers were now very saddend of what had happened so father decided to take them on a trip. When the brothers got to where they would be meeting their transportation they realize that it is a plane that they are flying on. Father G then counting s the story with making them feel uncomfortable and they keep cracking jokes. The reason that the story is called Gladness is because even though the two brother have lost a close brother of theirs they find gladness through Father G and are still happy through other things.

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