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Data has become ubiquitous not only in business, but all around us. To extract the most out of this resource you must be willing to embrace new approaches and innovations, and provide an environment that not only allows for creative problem solving, but encourages it. One of the most important elements of my vocation is pursuing, developing, and promoting a culture of empowerment, support, and education. A network of people all treating each other with passionate enthusiasm is one that stands out and elicits greatness from everyone involved.

Diligent, lifelong pursuit of excellence.

Since 2010, I have been designing and developing analytics tools and reporting dashboards to assist in a wide variety of uses, from mobile data entry and inventory management to cloud-based advanced analytics and custom ad-hoc report development. From back-end data ETL and data governance to end-user UX design, my experience in visual analytics has grown from simple workflow optimization and inventory tracking in Filemaker to embedded, executive-level prescriptive analytics and KPI development in the Tableau ecosystem.

My experience in Tableau started through self-study, then after completing my Master’s Degree I received Tableau classroom training for Desktop Fundamentals and Desktop Advanced. After that I became an active member in two different Tableau User Groups, and established myself as a tool expert and point contact for my team and department. Since then I’ve continued to grow in my own skills through active contribution in the Tableau forums, conferences, and engaging with the community through mentorship opportunities and trainings.

Effective communication of data is more than just end user presentation however, and I’ve continued to develop my skills in back-end tools like SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Teradata. I have sought opportunities to learn skills like R, Python, and d3 as well as expand my familiarity in various other BI tools as well. I am constantly driving to better myself in all areas of data usage, from data scraping and data warehousing to interface design, color theory and dashboard development. My drive to master my craft has given me the skills to help others as well, and I am continuing to give back to the data community through volunteering and public speaking.

2017 Tableau Conference

The 2017 Tableau Conference held a lot of emotional weight for everyone, as it was held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas 1 week after the mass shooting attack. In an effort to turn the tide and reignite excitement in the Tableau Community, I began the #Data17Donates initiative, and spearheaded a fundraiser campaign that raised over $120,000 in four days, all of which was donated to the victims and survivors of the shooting through the National Compassion Fund. This force of change for good became a defining component of the conference, and I couldn't be prouder of the community and the benevolence they showed towards a community in need.

Courage. Compassion. Confidence.

The most powerful and lasting leaps in our journey happen not when we accomplish new feats on our own, but when we help others to find and develop their own voice. Showing people that it's okay to put your creative work out there - we all start somewhere. Every deliverable I've finished and every idea I've put into practice have been a draft along the path that will span my entire career. The value that I represent is showcased by the journey that I've been on, and what I've been able to collectively achieve with it.

Public Speaking Engagements

  • 2016 State of Minnesota Tableau User Group
  • 2016 Twin Cities Tableau User Group
  • 2017 State of Minnesota Tableau User Group
  • 2017 Twin Cities Tableau User Group
  • 2018 State of Minnesota Tableau User Group
  • 2018 Twin Cities Tableau User Group
  • 2018 Twin Cities Data Viz


Tableau Developer at Randstad Technologies 2018-Present

Data Analyst at Minnesota Department of Administration 2016-2018

Grader at Navy Island Incorporated 2010-2013

Education and Certification

MS Management Information Systems, Keller Graduate School of Managment


Focus: Data Administration and Data Management

Graduating GPA: 4.0

Bachelors of Science - Broad Area Music, University of Wisconsin River Falls


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Vincent Baumel

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