Abstract Landscapes JosepH Henry

Abstract can have many meanings. The color field paintings of Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock’s paint drip paintings are examples of pure abstraction. They have no grounding in literal subject matter such as landscapes. Many of the post impressionistic and abstract expressionists paintings do have such grounding. Paul Cezanne’s landscapes and many of Picasso’s cubist paintings are examples. None of the photos included in this folio have any added spatial distortion that was rendered by post processing. The various photos included here have different degrees of abstraction intrinsic to landscape. The lens focal length can cause near- far distortions of the relative size of objects. The composition can also emphasize abstract over other elements.

Consider taking the time to experience those photos that are meaningful to you. Any further text in this folio would disturb that process.

This is the only photograph not captured Tucker County, WV.

In conclusion parts of most landscape photographs include abstract elements that actively engage the viewer.

This folio and all the photos are copyrighted.

You can see more at http://www.canaanvalleyphotography.com

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Joseph Henry

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