Immigration By analleli macedo

Immigration is when you cross the border and the goverment officials checks the documents that would let you go to the country you are going. Or when they had been taken to their contry back.
People Had been affected by immigration because they have treat by racism. And bad and deported and seperate with their family. My family is affected by this issue because they dont have papers. And they crossed the border by escaping with fear.

This issues is that there family had been seperate and be taken in an orfanet. And that when they are in the borded they are cold hungry and some of them died also in the borded . Also they have send young kids by them selfs and worked by slaves or just abusing them. Also that they would got problems by the money and have died by not been paid it . And they would not have the same thing .These issue has been the same as today because they are taken to their country.And immigration is geting people that there not from united state.

what i predict from 50 years from now a new president will come and let mexicans to be free with expections. what i do to make this not happen is i will make protests on front the white house and telling alot of people to come.

Created By
Analleli Macedo-Solis


Created with images by Ed Bierman - "Immagration Papers" • seantoyer - "Passport" • niekverlaan - "protest protest action group of people"

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