Ellie Melvin kempa summer workshop

My name is Ellie Melvin, an incoming Freshman to Lake Zurich High School. I am attending the digital and social journalism class at KEMPA summer workshop. Here we’re learning how to network, interview, and tell visual stories. I hope to gain knowledge and experience that will prepare me for joining the school paper this fall, and to bring with me some tools to share with the staff. I’m thrilled to be delving deeper into a new passion!

We spent our first day at KEMPA at the Bastile Days festival.

KEMPA team photo shoot and Lake Zurich journalists.

French music at Bastile Days

Tarot card readings


The digital and visual KEMPA classes had the pleasure of touring the Marquette University campus, meaning we got to photograph beautiful buildings, uncover their history, and of course, compile it all into one visual story.

The leaderhsip class participated in a spontaneous Primal Scream Conpetition

We wrapped up KEMPA 2018 with some reflection, sifting through the mass of knowledge we gained in just four days!

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