Using Co-Creation and Instant Feedback for Teaching University Students Dr RUTA FURMONAVICIENE, Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

A bit about myself

Me (above) and my team team (pic on the left :)

I am Dr Ruta Furmonaviciene, Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. I am teaching Biomedical Science by using UDL and co-creation.

I base my teaching on teaching theories and methods which encourage deep active learning. I am inspired by educational pedagogy on experiential and problem-based learning, e-learning, teamwork and co-creation, as well as methods for effective provision of student and staff feedback.

A session on our UG Biomedical Science BSc course

Co-creation of textbook

At the start of my teaching, my module has been heavily based on traditional lectures, however large group teaching by just lecturing may encourage passive learning (Cantillon, 2003). To tackle this, in addition to lectures and practicals, I have introduced a number of seminars for co-creating a textbook together.

Cantillon, P. (2003) ABC of learning and teaching in medicine: Teaching large groups BMJ 326(7386):437-445.

Together with my class we had created themed summaries for the book during our revision seminars and a Glossary (pic below) this was all assembled in a e-file (pic on the left).

Definitions (pics on the left) and revision summaries (pics on the right) in the making process :)
Our e-Textbook became an e-file including text summaries...
... picture summaries ...
... photos and definitions !
Revision summaries in all shapes and styles!

co creation of assessment

As a results of this co-creation work, we were also able to create a 200-revision question bank as a novel resource for learning and revision.

This question bank was started as list of questions created by individual students and groups, it was then uploaded on Blackboard VLE.

Fifty questions from the co-created question bank were selected for the Summative MCQ assessment delivered via Blackboard VLE.

instant feedback

I have received positive student feedback about the experience of discussing and sharing their notes.

During my more than ten years of teaching, my methods progressed to blended learning (Dalton et al., 2019) and methods of collecting student feedback has evolved from just very generic annual surveys to collection of diverse and instant feedback (verbal, written and audio comments, verbal and online surveys and polls delivered before, during and after the teaching sessions, career and wellbeing advice, personal tutor meetings and group discussions, WhatsApp and Twitter messaging), including social and personal support for students (Farquhar et al., 2018)

Dalton, E. M. et al. (2019) Inclusion, universal design and universal design for learning in higher education: South Africa and the United States Afr J Disabil 8: 519.

Farquhar, J. M., Kamei, R. K. and Vidyarthi, A. R. (2018) Strategies for enhancing medical student resilience: student and faculty member perspectives International Journal of Medical Education 9:1-6.

My favourite feedback tools include (click buttons for relevant links):

Using sticky notes for after-session feedback
Notes for all the teams involved
Students leaving their comments

further work

Plans to make better pictures - I have started to use BioRender

BioRender provides ready-made templates and eases the process of making good quality figures (BioRender website).

Check the video above to see how BioRender templates work (BioRender website video):

Learning with BioRender is supported by dedicated free online webinars (BioRender website)

Plans to publish the e-book - CAST UDL Book Builder?

CAST UDL Book Builder homepage

Any advice, comments or ideas?

Can you suggest something else?

invitation for suggestions and collaboration

A bit about De Montfort University and our programme - come to see me there! :)

Send me an email: rfurmonaviciene@dmu.ac.uk

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