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Project One: Structural Equilibrium
The goal of this project was to take at least a one pound load that took the form of a cube and support it through compression and tension without the use of glue.
My goal with this project was to attempt to create a system that appeared to more or less be floating when viewed from a distance. This self-imposed constraint led me to using fishing line for my string as well as making sure that the rods did not penetrate either the cube or the base. After the study model held, I notched the base and the cube and assembled the final model only to quickly discover when I went to move it that I had forgotten one thing: moment parallel to the base.
So I went back to the drawing board, seeing how I could add to or adjust my current design to make it more stable until I came to what became my final design.
Project Two: Structural Live Load Test

For Project Two: Structural Live Load Test I partnered with Emily Pilot and Cameron Gambrell.

The goal of this project was to create a bridge out of 1/8 inch basswood dowels to then test with weights during class until it failed. To add strength we doubled the top chord and added bracing between both halves. We estimated that the bridge would be able to hold close to twenty five pounds before failing.
The bridge weighed 0.162 pounds and held eleven 3.3 pound weights before failing right before the twelfth weight was put on, making the load at failure equal to 36.3 pounds. The reason that it failed so soon was due to the fact that we forgot to consider that the loads were going to be applied at specific points along the bridge, and the load points ended up being along the top chord. (Above pictures taken by Cameron Gambrell.)
Project Three: Trusses
The goal of this project was to design four unique trusses that satisfied specific requirements. One had to be symmetrical, one had to incorporate a curve, one had to have a slope, and one had to be asymmetrical.
Final Project: Citicorp Report
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