Cuban Missile Crisis Alexander efird, dillin armstrong, shaun Jimenez

Here Is Some Background Knowledge On The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis Lasted 14 Days

From October 14th 1962 To October 28th 1962

Leaders Of The Countries Involved

United States-John F. Kennedy

Soviet Union-Nikita Khrushchev

Cuba-Fidel Castro

What The Soviet Union Did During The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Soviet Union put nuclear missiles in Cuba because they wanted to stop the US from making advanced nuclear weapons which were more advanced than there nuclear weapons. Also, the Soviet Union gave Cuba lots of military assistance leading up to putting the weapons in Cuba.

What The United States Did During The Cuban Missile Crisis

When the United States found out that the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons in Cuba, they put nuclear weapons of their own in Turkey. They also had a blockade of ships surrounding Cuba so that Soviet ships could not enter Cuba and bring supplies. The US also has nuclear weapons of their own ready to launch in the event of a Soviet attack.

Defending The Actions Of The United States

The United States had no other options when they discovered that the Soviet Union had put nuclear weapons in Cuba. If they didn't prepare for an attack, the Soviets would have attacked them and killed a lot of people.

The Result Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

On October 27th 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to dispose of their missiles. The Soviet Union brought their missiles back to the Soviet Union and the United States agreed to not invade Cuba.

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