Planning a Mini-Vacay Tips for your next family getaway!

Today is a great day to get away! Wouldn’t you say?

In this post we’re going to talk about planning mini-getaways for you and your family. These are small vacations that won’t cut too much into work time & your busy schedules.

Who's ready for a change of scenery and a healthy dose of refueling fun?

The first step is to get out your calendar and circle a free weekend you have coming up. Make a commitment to yourself and your family that no amount of calls, texts or emails will take away those glorious couple of days you’ve reserved to get away. Deal? Awesome.

Did You Know? A few days of relaxation are better to help your mind de-stress and your body unwind as opposed to long trips that require a lot of planning/packing/traveling/etc.
Packing Tips

We know packing can be the most burdensome part of the trip. You have your husband's Hawaiian shirt he refuses to leave behind, the kids' electronic devices all with different chargers, and one bag for you – which is probably stuffed with everyone else's things. Here are a few ways to make packing a breeze, so you have more time to enjoy your mini-vacay:

  1. Organize outfits by day and pack them in gallon-sized freezer bags. Not only do you have a neatly arranged suitcase that makes choosing an outfit easy, but once you let the air out of the bags you will have more room for other essentials.
  2. Assign each kid a backpack, allow them to bring any gadgets, toys and books they want as long as it fits. It will save you space and let each kid have their favorite things wherever you decide to go.
  3. While you're packing, place a shoebox inside your suitcase and pack around it. Before you venture off remove the shoebox and you'll have plenty of space in your bag for souvenirs and any other goodies you may want to bring back from your trip.
Keeping Kids Content on the Road (Or in the Air)

No phrase strikes fear into the hearts of parents like, "Are we there yet!?" Before you succumb to the urge to pull your hair out or turn the car around, check out our tips for keeping your kids entertained on those long drives or flights.

  1. Create goody bags for each child that is particular to their interests (puzzles, games, snacks, etc.) and give them to the kids once you've set out on your trip. It's guaranteed to keep them amused and silence any questions of when they can get out of the car.
  2. Before leaving the house, have each kid create a personal playlist full of their favorite songs and play them during the drive. The kids will have a great time choosing the songs and be excited to sing along.
  3. Don't be afraid of the classics! Kids still love games like I Spy and Road Trip Bingo, so don't forget to use them!
Meals While You're on the Move

Fast food may be quick and easy, but it is not the only way to eat out while traveling and it's certainly not the most healthy! So back away from that drive-thru window and hear us out:

  1. Utilize rest stops. Find a rest area off the highway to pull over and enjoy a picnic lunch you've packed with the family. The kids can stretch their legs and you won't have to worry about paying for food.
  2. While you're planning your trip find some fun places to eat along your route. It'll mix up the routine of fast food and give you some quality time as a family to experience restaurants off the beaten path.
  3. It is healthier to sit down and eat a meal than to try to eat while still on the move. So pack some healthy snacks for the road and treat yourselves to a nice meal once you arrive at your destination!

What's Your Next Destination?

Where are you headed with your family for your next vacation? Do you have your own tips you utilize to make traveling easier? Let us know what you recommend!

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