Internet Addiction by: Jonathan Acevedo

Internet addiction is threat towards people of all ages. It is vital that we take necessary steps to prevent it as well as help those who already have it since Internet addiction can ruin one's life.

Physical effects of internet addiction are feelings of concealment, irritability, and low self-esteem
Besides physical effects, Internet addiction will negatively affect one's social relationships with family members, friends and partners and they may suffer doing their job or school since their focus will be skewed
Concerning this issue, i specifically chose Liberty University for my proposal. My proposal is for Liberty University add new curriculum in their INFT course which will teach undergraduate students how avoid internet addiction and to be safer on the internet

It is important to know that the internet is not a wholly negative thing. The Internet contains millions of pieces of information that can help answer questions we might have but we must be careful not to dwell too much time on it our we and our loved ones may suffer from the harmful effects of internet addiction.

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