BrELT on the Road: Rio Edition September 9, 2017 // escola NOVA


Event Opening // Comunidades Virtuais na Prática e na Formação Continuada de Professores de Inglês - um estudo de caso sobre a Comunidade BrELT by Bruno Andrade

Opening plenary by Jamie Keddie

Concurrent morning talks

Observe to blossom by Marcela Cintra

Working Memory and Phonology: How Pronunciation Instruction can Aid Reading by Vinícius Tavares

Why isn’t my Advanced Students’ English Advanced? Voices echoed in a Private Language School by Alexandra Simões Andrade

Gender-Neutral Language In The Classroom (And Outside) by AJ Dalmaso Marques

Language Teachers and Digital Literacy by Henrique Moura

Visual culture and its implications in ELT by Andreia Zakime

Professional development: making 2018 'THE' year by Bruna Caltabiano


Morning networking break

Concurrent morning workshops

Teaching Reading Skills and Strategies Beyond Skimming and Scanning by Sônia Melo de Jesus Ruiz

How to Conduct an Induction Program by Letícia Sales

Acting for Understanding: The Case of Exploratory Practice by Inès Miller & Maria Isabel Cunha

Concurrent BrELT chats

Room 1 moderated by Natália Guerreiro

Room 2 moderated by Elizabeth Mattei

Concurrent Show & Tell moments

Show&Tell 1 - (20 minutes for each presenter)

It's Not A Box: a lesson with 'loose parts play' for Young Learners by Claire Venables

Routine For Young Learners by Tamiris Carvalho

Using non-competitive games in Young Learner classrooms to promote supportive learning environments by Marina Rosa

Show&Tell 2 - (20 minutes for each presenter)

PBL in Public School System: Making Projects work with large group of people by Giselle Ribeiro

How to Make Listening Activities More Meaningful and Pleasant by Eduardo Mazzeu

Comprehending the Critical Roles of Mentors during Pre-service teachers' practicum courses by Nicolle Suazo Albornoz

Afternoon plenary by Cecília Lemos

01:10PM to 02:10PM // Lunch Break

Concurrent afternoon workshops

From teacher to teacherpreneur: Sustainable strategies to become a successful private English teacher! by Julio Vieitas

Key Concepts of Assessment and Their Impact on Teaching Practice by Alberto Costa

Using CLIL to engage teenagers by Rafael Monteiro

Tips to teach speaking by Paulo Torres

Working with Vocabulary: adding practical activities to your teaching repertoire by Andreia Fernandes

5 Easy Steps for You to Use Virtual Reality in the Classroom by Roberta Freitas

Concurrent afternoon talks

Roll the dice! The use of board games in ELT by Eduardo de Freitas

Teaching in public school contexts by Joyce Fettermann

Transitioning to Freelance Teaching: do's and don'ts by Andreia Câmara

Living the Dream: How to Study Abroad with a Scholarship by Cecília Nobre & Priscila Bordon

Truths and Myths about the CELTA by Ricardo Barros

Embracing Storytelling by Jamie Keddie

Gender Roles in ELT: Law x Culture by Cintia Rodrigues


Afternoon networking break

Closing plenary by Valéria França

Raffle & Closing address with BrELT Moderators

BrELT Moderation Team 2017 | From left to right: Priscila Bordon, Fernanda Machado, Bruno Andrade, Bárbara Furtado, Thiago Veigga, Eduardo de Freitas.
Created By
Eduardo de Freitas

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