Peer Evaluation A Reflective portfolio on my teaching session

Welcome! My name is Betsy Josma-Ducheine and I am in the last quarter of my educational career for the Master's Degree in Adult Education / Human Resource Development.
During Spring 2017, I was enrolled in Adult Teaching Methods (ADE 6360), and a key assignment was working in a group to conduct a teaching session on a topic provided by the professor. This teaching module session required the following elements:
  • Lesson Plan (includes 3-5 readings not on the ADE 6360 syllabus to share with the class)
  • Assessment Tool/Strategy for determining student learning has occurred
  • Grading Rubric for use to assess student work
  • Class Evaluation Instrument based on a 5-point scale for our classmates to evaluate our module
  • Team Member Evaluation Instrument based on a 5-point scale for each team member to evaluate one another
To prepare for this module, our group referred to the assigned readings on and Linda Nilson's Teaching at it's Best.
We taught on Peer Evaluation of Teaching. We were able to deliver this lesson using a power point presentation, sample Peer Evaluation process forms, sample syllabus, video of teaching, and an online classroom tool. The powerpoint allowed us to deliver information in an organized manner and also kept us organized in our lesson. The sample forms served a dual purpose of showing what one can use in the peer evaluation process and it was used during the class session for students to practice the process. The syllabus and video were both tools for in class practice. Specifically, our team tapped into more creative talents by using a video we created on our own.

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