HACKERS how anonymous is saving the world

Anonymous has done many things. Some good, and some bad. But, are they helpful or harmful? Well, both. They’ve released personal information about bad people, and declared war on ISIS. But, they’ve had an effect on the Australian community, and have launched attacks on innocent people. So, are they a blessing, or a curse? These are a few reasons that Anonymous should no longer be infamous.

Who ARE They?

But wait, who is Anonymous? Well, Anonymous is an international hacktivist group.A hacktivist group is an activist group of hackers. Anonymous has launched numerous attacks on innocent people, and most famously larger groups such as ISIS. The group is known for wearing their trademark Guy Fawkes masks and shutting down or releasing information. The group has chapters everywhere from here in America to France. There are different branches of Anonymous, the most famous being KnightSec. KnightSec is the branch usually responsible for doing the right thing, and acting as Police on the internet. Anonymous sometimes partners with another group called Binarysec to aid with bigger attacks, such as shutting down ISIS propaganda.

Guardians of the Media

Now, Anonymous isn't all bad. They´ve done good things. One famous attack is when Anonymous released the personal information of over 1,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist group that has been around since the Civil War. Also, the Klan’s website had been shut down by Anonymous as of April of last year, and still remains that way today. A writer from the Huffington Post states “Hackers from the groups Anonymous and Binarysec shut down the website of the White Knights of the KKK using a distributed denial-of-service attack, according to Mic. The shutdown took place on the same day ‘pro-white’ demonstrators staged a rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia, a historic meeting place for the Klan.” The shutdown made the website so that instead of the actual website, the only thing that came up was the Operation KKK logo.

The Operation KKK logo. The only thing that shows on the White Knights of the KKK website.

Anonymous has launched numerous attacks on ISIS. In February of 2014, they took over and shut down over 100 twitter accounts and flagged over 10,000 youtube videos linked to the terrorist group. For a while, Anonymous had been disrupting communications between members of the group. According to The Guardian, Anonymous has brought down 149 websites, and flagged over 100,000 twitter accounts. Not to mention, when an internet service called CloudFlare was found by Anonymous that they'd been helping ISIS, Anonymous nearly shut them down for good.

Not all Rainbows and Sunshine

However, while Anonymous has helped the world in many ways, they’ve also harmed it. Anonymous has formed a protest known as “The Cube of Truth”. The cube is made of people wearing the masks holding laptops, TVs, and Ipads displaying a 4-minute montage of horrifying conditions in Australian animal farms. The video is titled "Thousand Eyes" all whilst protected by the local authorities

The Cube of Truth

However, people didn’t like the protests, as the images are highly disturbing. But, some people did take the message and went vegan, and the met industry had a slight decrease in sales. Parents urged authorities to put a stop to it, but after viewing the video,the police ruled it wasn’t illegal. The police’s only request was that if a young child were to come by, they tilt the screens away from them. Now, while yes, the protest raised awareness of animal cruelty, which is good, many people were outraged and reacted violently. Some stood yelling at the group and others yanked their kids away and ran off. It wasn’t good for the Australian community, and because the protest was in a mall, people went into the stores much less. Mainly because they didn’t want to be anywhere near the videos.

What's the Verdict?

But, in the end, Anonymous is helpful. They’ve done a lot to help take down the Ku Klux Klan, and ISIS. They’ve also raised awareness for animal cruelty. Despite the fact that they’ve launched attacks on random people, and harmed the Australian community.Many people still believe that Anonymous is bad, and should be destroyed, even though they help in so many ways. Anonymous shouldn’t be known as a horrible hacker group, but more like protectors. Helping make the world better in several ways. Except for the fact that some branches like to have a little fun. But, in the grand scheme of things, they do more good than bad. Anonymous, is a blessing.

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