Projection Mapping

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping in its basic for is to use the technology of a projector to create a show or performance using motion graphics or images. projection mapping turns every day objects such as a building, a room or coffee cup into a surface for expression. this fully amuses the audience into performance taking them to places they never thought they could go.

What are your thoughts on projection mapping?

I think that projection mapping is a useful tool to make the impossible possible, with projection mapping you can destroy a building with out ever having to touch it or do a performance in what seem to be a jungle that is alive. I think that projection mappings ability to create moving images makes it stand out when putting a performance together.

What real-world application could you see this technology/tool being used for?

projection mapping could be used like skype, however the person could be projected onto a manikin or onto a wall, this could help people feel less alone when friends and family cant visit them. projection mapping could also be used to educate as you could show the development of a town or city in a miuturised scale, this could show major events such as the great fire of Londen without the need for real fire.

Using HeavyM to create a projection

Virtual Enviroments

What is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ?

Virtual reality is a a head set with two monitors, one for each eye. This system makes the user feel that they are in the program that is on the screens. it does this by using stereoscopic displays eye tracking as well as tracking the perstion of the head.

augmented reality does not involve a head set and rather than immersing you into a new reality it changes or adds to the environment that you are already in. it does this by using markers, these markers can be anything from a logo to text to a doodle. the image or modal is then over laid on top of the marker.

What are your thoughts on Virtual Reality?

I think that virtual reality can be applied in may useful situations outside of the consumer market and will most likely be a fad like 3D films.

What real-world application could you see Virtual Reality being used for?

there are may ways that you could use virtual reality outside of the world of gaming. It can be used as a training devise for high risk situations such as a complex operation or space travel, it can also be used to create and test inventions or structures for virtualy no cost and no risk.


What is a Microcontroller?

A Microcontroller is a computer that is very small it takes inputs from the real world and responds to those inputs. allot of devises have Microcontrollers in them today form phones to microwaves. They are generally used when the full power of a pc isn't needed.

What are your thoughts on Microcontrollers?

i think that Microntrollers are the sign of technological progression, as we are using computers more and more we are able take older tech and miniaturize it so it can be used in places where the most up to date tech is not needed

What real-world application could you see Microcontrollers being used for?

micro controllers can be used everywhere that you need a computer but not a full pc, like a temperature gage on a cooker or in children's toys. some more abstract uses for a microcontroller could be in a fridge. a microcontroller could tell your phone what is missing from it so that you don't buy something that you don't need cutting down on food waste.

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