Detective Destiny BY: Kassandra Lara

As the summer of 2016 approached, a teenager named destiny and her family decided to travel to the beach for their whole summer vacations. She wasn’t as excited to spend her summer at the beach. All she wanted to do was spend her junior year summer with her friends. On their long road trip, she had several thoughts on what she wanted to spend her time doing.

As stubborn as she was about going she was going to try to make her time at the beach a pleasant full experience. After a while of long hard reading some of her law enforcement and detective books she finally had an idea

She decided to ask her dad to contact some acquaintances that were under the detective staff at the beach.

As they arrived to the beach police station she was eager to speak to some detectives to ask if they would be willing to let her work under their supervision. She wanted to be a undercover detective at the beach and make sure underage kids wouldn't be drinking. Her plan was accepted by a young women.

She would be under her rules and supervision. They made a plan that she should make some friends at the beach around her age and gather some information. Detective joy was a bit strict for some weeks,showing the basics. They then tried their plan to intend to gather at the beach and meet people around destinys age. Their first two beach days didn't go as planned. Destiny found no friend to be with. As she was off on weekends she walked her self to the beach to enjoy some sun. There were a couple of people around that area. Mostly kids her age having a good time. After a while, she was then approached by a group of kids inviting her to a popular house party a friend of theirs was throwing. She had no friends that summer and agreed to go.Never did she mention to them she was working under a detective. She assumed the party would be a small pool party with pizza and was excited for it.

The next day was the party never did i imagine that this party would be a movie party. As i walked in to this house, it was very crowded with with beverages and alcohol everywhere. This was the time i was able to do my job. She immediately called her supervisor Joy. This party was then shut down and police officers then arrived. Joy then found the providers of alcohol to the minors and where then arrested. Most underage kids were let go and had a warning

Destiny was proud of her job she had that summer as a detective and was glad she was able to achieve something. This was her new technique on finding alcohol providers and kids with underage beverages to pretend to be their friend


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