Dakota Access Pipeline

Both the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline provoked protests from a diverse group of citizens concerned about the climate impacts and potential environmental contamination from the projects, as well as the safety of their routes across large swaths of the country and the mechanisms by which the federal government approved those routes.

In my opinion, (with research and good sources) I think this is a pointless protest because this Pipeline was designed to shorten the length that oil has to travel. Which in turn, is less pipe used and the pipe is new. Not old and possibly leaking. If anything, the new pipeline will impact the environment in a positive way.

Instead of long, diesel driven trains polluting the air...

There will be a buried pipe with several check valves that can be shut off for any possible leaks or maintenance

What people should be doing with their time is thinking about all the jobs that will be created, the money paid to them for their use of land, and even for the environmentalists, the amount of pollution that will be stopped because the use of trains will not be needed.


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