AAREY COLENEY By Srujan karri


The Aarey colony is a Greenery park where people come every day to run.It is Truely a beautiful place to explore.

Biotic and abiotic fACtors

Abiotic facrtors



.dead leaves

.small streams of water


Biotic factors








FooD chans/food web

The food chains and food webs in the Aarey colony are very different from each other.One of the food webs in the Aarey colony is this.

Aarey colony is known as one of the green lungs of Mumbai

Symbiotic relatIonships


.Orchid and the tree

.vine and the tree


.Banyan tree and the palm tree

Issues affecting aary colony

The issues affecting Aarey colony are buildings .The government is thinking of cutting down the trees in the Aarey and build buildings.

Sky scraper

How to save aarey colony

.Persuade the government to not cut down trees

.do not pollute the Aarey colony

.call the local newspaper and tell the world to save aarey colony



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