My Personal Passport By: sophie jackson

Here, we will be taking a look at who I am through a variety of test results!

Welcome to My Personal Passport!

These tests were able to provide me with a deeper understanding of my strengths and skills, which can be applied to careers in my future.

I began with taking a test about my learning styles called "Learning Styles Inventory" on Career Cruising.

Here, I found out that I am an auditory-tactile learner.
A few careers that would best suit an auditory-tactile learner, such as myself, include becoming a veterinary technician, a nurse, or a dancer.

Next, I took the "Employability Skills" test, which grouped my skills from those that I am best at to those that I lack, so that I can develop these skills for future employment.

The test consisted of three different groupings including personal management skills, teamwork skills and fundamental skills. It showed me that I am good at working with others and communicating, as well as demonstrating positive attitudes and behaviours, particularly towards others.

Applying teamwork skills to my daily life.
Becoming a veterinarian, doctor, or teacher would be a good career choice for someone with my skill set.

I took a second test on Career Cruising called "Matchmaker" which identified what careers would be of top interest to me.

The results above show my ideal top 3 career choices based off of the test.
(From left to right) Mental Health Nurse, Art/Music Therapist, Director of Photography

Next, I took the "Holland Hexagon" test which grouped my personality into different levels.

Based on these results, I am highly artistic and investigative.
I find myself to be a particularly artistic person, just as the test results show.
I am able to apply my investigative personality to school subjects such as math and science.
The combination of these two aspects of my personality keep me balanced.
Veterinary work, dancing or dentistry would be good career paths to go down for someone who has an artistic and investigative personality.
Finally, I took the "True Colours" test!

This test showed me that my primary colour is blue and my secondary colours are gold and orange.

Having a "blue personality" shows that I need to feel unique and authentic and look for meaning and significance to life. I also need to contribute, to encourage, and to care. I value integrity and unity in relationships and I am a natural romantic, a poet, and a nurturer.
The colour gold represents value, stability and strength while the colour orange shows that I am generous, optimistic and physical.
Careers that would suit me based on my primary colour would be a cosmetologist, paramedic or a musician.
Finally, careers that would suit me based on my secondary colours are: a nurse, a doctor, or a family child care provider.

Overall, these five tests have helped me gain a greater understanding of myself and have helped me on my journey towards a career. I will take these skills and learning styles and develop them so that they are beneficial to any career path that I decide to follow in the future.

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