Louisville's finest pizzas From local to Pizza known around the country!

Foods all around me are amazing options, but some in particular have really caught my attention, and better yet, they are all listed below!

I'm going to have to go by food genre, so first topic is pizza, the perfect food for any occasion! Wether you want a great pizza frozen in the fridge to heat later on, or get a fresh heated pizza with the veggies, meats, sauce, and cheese of your choice! Wait no further:

The next three pictures, (including this one), are pictures found from the one and only: Blaze Pizza! Let me explain what makes this pizza restaurant different from most others.

Once you are next to the counter, a worker usually asks you how many pizzas you want, and what kind. There are three ways you can make a pizza: First, you can add a regular cheese pizza, or you can get a one topping pizza, or finally, you can get a build your own (my favorite!). Let me tell you what a build your own is: After finishing with the first worker, you go the next one which you request your sauce, many kind varying from spicy to classic.

Next off you will be asked what type of cheese you want, there many different cheeses, I usually get the most popular one: Mozzarella! Next worker will ask you what meats you want, from smoked ham to pepperoni! Two things for you to know:

1. As you are now ordering a build your own, you can get unlimited meats, vegetables, and so forth! You can get as much to your hearts content.

2. Vegetarians... don't worry! You are not required to get a meat, it is just an option as all the add ons are!

Now finally, you are asked for pretty much everything else by the next worker, "Veggies? Sea Salt or Erageno? And so on.

After that you are finished, simply pay the cashier, add any drinks, beer, desserts, if wanted. After that you will probably have to wait five-to-seven minutes for your pizza to cook if the fire burning fireplace oven! That's all to know, now the best part.... time to eat!


Created with images by kennejima - "Blaze Pizza with Shirleys" • L.A. Foodie - "Blaze Pizza with olive oil, #feta and goat #cheese, #spinach, #mushrooms, and kalamata #olives. Thoroughly #yummy." • L.A. Foodie - "#Creamy white #sauce, #fresh #mozzarella, #roasted #chicken, and #mushrooms at Blaze #Pizza on Fairfax. I dub it The Metropolitan. For some reason. I really like the pizza here. What's your favorite to get? #foodie #foodporn #lunch #instafood #pizzaporn" • music2work2 - "Busy as he'll but great looking pizzas and prices - need something to soak up the wine!" • roy.luck - "Pizza at Mellow Mushroom" • Joelk75 - "meat pizza"

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