The Muscular System It keeps us going

The muscular system is the system that provides motion and posture. To do this the muscles flex and extend to move. This system is made of at least 640 muscles and the tendons that attach them to bones. It encompasses both voluntary and involuntary muscles. Voluntary muscles, like your arms and legs, are muscles that you control so you can move. Involuntary muscles like the muscles that make up your stomach and other internal, do what they do without you actually controlling them. Basically the muscular system controls how you move and it moves things through your body.

There are three types of muscle tissues that make up all the muscles in the body. They are: smooth muscles make up all the involuntary/internal muscles, next skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles that are attached to the bones, and the third and final type is the cardiac muscles. Cardiac muscles are specialized muscles only found in the heart. The contractions or heart beats of these muscles are caused by nerve simulation.

To keep this system healthy one must exercise their muscles. If you don't your muscles will lose strength and mass. Also a good diet is needed to give the muscles energy to rebuild and strengthen themselves. In fact muscles take up 40% of a persons body weight so they are very important to keep healthy. Another fun fact is that some people can have up to 850 muscles in their bodies. That is 210 more muscles that a regular person. This system can be dysfunctional. One major dysfunction is called Muscular Dystrophy. This disorder results in progressive weakness that usually leads to needing a wheelchair. Some people have it so bad that they have a hard time breathing or swallowing. Another dysfunction is Stiffening Syndrome, which is characterized by episodes of rigidity and reflex spasms. Neither of these. Disorders can be cured. My aunt has minor muscular dystrophy and it is very painful for her to get around. My aunt never complains about this because she knows it could be a whole lot worse.

As you can see the muscular system is very important in our lives. It makes it so we can move and it has so many different jobs that let us live with ease. Because of this, we should take care of our muscles so we can live our lives comfortably and healthily.

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