David Clancy PhotographY PRODUCER AND Manager

David has been producing, directing, managing and shooting photography since 2006. He has worked in TV, Film, Magazine, and mainstream media with brands like Red Bull, HBO, Food Network, Superbrand, Surfing Magazine, Tastemade and NordicTrack.

Here is a short collection of David's favorite projects that he has recently created.


With a background in TV production, David has the ability to produce projects both large and small; video and still, print or web. He understands what is needed, when, and how to make it happen. Wether the project involves still images, or video, or both, David has the experience and knowledge to deliver.


David worked closely with the Red Bull Racing F1 team and the FIA to gain an all-access pass to The Circuit of the America's in Austin Texas in October 2019. His goal was to follow world renowned racing photographer, Vlad Rys, to shed light on how he does his job. David was able to capture Vlad in action at the exact moment he took some amazing photographs from the weekend. This project was focused solely around still photographs and words.


Vlad finds an intimate portrait of Alex Albon during a press meeting.
Alex Albon by Vlad Rys
Sometimes the best angle is in the middle of the road.
Max Verstappen by Vlad Rys
Vlad finds an intimate backlit portrait.
Alex Albon by Vlad Rys
It isn't always glitz and glam...
...but your photo can be! Alex Albon by Vlad Rys



Giving back to the photography community is one of David's largest passions. At Red Bull, he had the opportunity to reach out to young up-and-coming talented photographers to guide, teach and share as much knowledge as possible. Red Bull Rising Talent was an intense 5-day photography workshop designed to do just that. 8 photographers were invited to the workshops with Red Bull athletes, top-notch photographers and speakers to create a once in a lifetime experience. Directed by David with support from his colleagues, the students were put through multiple challenges which were all designed to expand their photographic skills as well as give them an understanding of the business and marketing sides of the trade. The outcome was stellar content (both still images and video) that the students, the athletes and Red Bull could use as they see fit as well as new insight and friendships that will last a lifetime.

BTS by Marv Watson
Daniel Sandoval by Will McKay
BTS by Jorge Henao
Logistx by Shannon Schultz
BTS by Jorge Henao
Garret Mechem by CJ Anderson
BTS by Jorge Henao
Jake Kinney by Adrian Rudd


Interview's are another way of paying it forward. They give a unique perspective into someone's life and journey. These particular interviews are intended to shine a spotlight on rising talents in sports photography so that they can be seen by other hiring managers both internally and externally. They always highlight photographers that have proven themselves and are known to understand clients needs. They are vetted, trained and trusted.

Will McKay by Natalie Garza
Shannon Schultz by Tyler Skulley


David has the experience of managing photography with both small and large companies. From smaller more simple projects to large complicated projects, David always stays organized, keeps his colleagues acquainted and his photographers connected and happy. Finding a balance is his specialty.


Working globally with over 500 photographers, David has a large contact list of top-notch content creators in multiple fields. From sports, to products and action to lifestyle, any type of campaign can be created and completed with peace of mind.

Concept to Briefing

Creating the concept from scratch and communicating the idea and shot list to the photographer is a vital step in the success of any project.


From densely populated areas like Los Angeles or London to remote locations like Kenya or Indonesia, David has experience releasing locations for legal productions.


Using tools like Excel, Google Spreadsheet, AirTable, and Slack, David likes to stay organized and connected with his colleagues to easily collaborate.


Keeping the delivery process as simple as possible is crucial in order to avoid confusion. From receiving content from his creators, putting them through a QC process and finally delivering them to clients and colleagues is the final step in the entire process.


Working with other brands and companies is both integral to growth and trust between your company, your clients and your photographers. It helps to expand your brands public awareness and ultimately spark interest.

It also builds a sense of community which in turn creates a desire and offers an incentive to those involved and essentially upgrades the level of content you receive organically.

David has worked with numerous brands and companies on multiple levels to help each side grow. Whether it be a simple product order or a more complex relationship, David has the knowledge and communication skills to make it happen with or without budget.


Your time and energy is greatly appreciated. Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you, your brand or your project. I would love to help.