recepies & music Susanne's Learning Journal April 2017

First Assignement

My best gluten free Recepies

I really like the template Lukas provided us with and i used it in order to learn how he does work and i learned a lot mainly how to use master pages in a good way. I did some changes also on the master and wonder why the fonts in the styles are not changed when i delete them from all the document through used fonts. When i do this in my templates fonts are changed in the styles as well.

I did one page changing (wish i had more time to do more pages i love his template and its the first time i use one ) and loaded it in Publishing by Indesign

I never liked to cook and my mother didn't either, so i don't like cooked food until today. But since 3 years i needed to learn to cook gluten free for my daughter and i got some lessons from a friend that really loves to cook. We had a lot of fun and i got used to cook and now i even like it. i love bread and gluten free bread is just horrible all comes out like stones and it took me a year or more to find the right mixture of flours and the right way to do the dough.

I would like to have more recipes done for this assignment but again a second course is parallel to this and a lot of usual work needs to be done as well...

I love Indesign and i love to do the learning journal! For this Spark is just the right tool. I spent a while to create the image in Photoshop with pics i took from my baking for this assignments.

Here the link to my just one recipe

Second Assignement

Music in the Desert

I need to create music posters all the time so this was a real opportunity for me to learn more how to do it better. All lessons life and on the platform helped me so much to get to love more to do music posters. I don t like music i know its unusual but i prefer quiet i like the music of the nature and mainly the quiet of the desert that is sometimes so strong that it heart the ears sometimes.

But most people here love music there is concerts every week and people are playing . So i could actually for this assignment creating something i need for real. The Poster will be printed A3 in the Kibbutzim we print on a home printer so no bleed and margin is needed.

The concert is done by a local desert band their style is grungy and reggae and they are quit wild. So red was important and the structure reminding desert sand.

Here is the link to the Indesign Publishing file that is seen above as well.

I did post the same link several times because i had problems to get it work seems save does not do the job you need to press Enter. I left all links in order to get myself a reference how its possible to share links and i like the button!

I love to do the learning journal its fun and its good to have it as a reference later. For this Poster i used Photoshop to cut the musicians from their background i used Illustrator for vector grunge structures that i can just copy paste as a path into Indesign, the way Indesign works together with Photoshop and Illustrator makes a really good workflow. And i used Hebrew fonts that i am allowed to use , the fonts in hebrew are few and most are ugly i love fonts and its always very hard to get some fonts that work for Hebrew. But many People here are aware of it and started to create fonts on Behance i even found a German guy that created a Hebrew font!

Final Reflection

I use Indesign on a daily basic and still i got so much from this tutorials and life classes. Actually in going back to my reflections above i noticed i didn' t mention Indesign a lot may be because its so natural for me , its my main Program and my favorite. I even do things there that i could do in Illustrator just because i prefer the Indesign Interface a lot over the one of Illustrator. Would like an advanced course for Illustrator to teach me to love it . On all courses i get to love the tools more and get more encouraged to learn. I love the learning from students as well. The course was to short but i think its great to get a little overview to the longer courses. Anyhow i feel like i just started and its already the end.

I learned some new things and got great links to resources i never heard about like Crowd Scribed. And even as a non teacher i learn how to get students exited about all whats possible. I think the mixture of online self paced students and teacher learning is perfect and opens the doors to anyone: teacher or not teacher. In a way you teach also with your creations you teach to see - you open eyes - you give information - you share your taste and try to understand the taste of others. So any one that creates is a teacher, its not only to be a teacher in the classroom.

What i got from this short course besides the good explanations on the Indesign Interface and options (a lot covered in a very short time!) is to learn how to pass information very clear and very eye opening - all lessons were great and specially Lukas for me is the perfect teacher. From his lessons also in past i understood first time things i didn't get when being a beginner in Indesign. His students are lucky and i am sure many good designers will come out of his classes.

Its was hard for me to find time for the homework like always but i try to find first the time to be in the life classes because i found them most helpful and also more personal it makes one feel part of the international creating community. To watch the recordings is not an alternative because you get only the info not the real life. And also each life class is very different and covers different objects and explanations its dynamic because of students questions and sometime because of technical issues. It great how the tutors mange to overcome all whats happening and this for me is a quality of a good teacher as well: to adjust oneself to whats happening and not going strict to a plan. Last not least i got to lover Spark, i found the way its useful for me and the simplicity makes it possible to share fast and beautiful designed out of the box . I saw some really great journals here and got open a PDF is past...

Thanks to all of you for this really good skill builder course and see you in the future course!

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Susanne Tamir

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