GMO Foods By Maxwell Yaden

The GMO of Corn is called "Roundup Ready Corn" or "Starlink" and is regular corn mixed with proteins from the bacterium Bacillus Thuringiensis. Bt is a bacteria that lives in the soil and is used as a pesticide. They also live in the stomachs of caterpillars and moths. The corn was made by the Monsanto company which is an agricultural biotechnology compan.
The corn bacteria mix helps keep the organism alive by making it toxic to most insects. It was created to keep the European Corn Boror, Corn ear Worm, and Root Worm from eating the corn and wasting money. "the gene of interest produces a protein that kills Lepidoptera larvae, in particular, European corn borer." -Entomology At The University Of Kentucky
GMO's are good and bad. GMO's could end world hunger with the surplus of food, the food could be more nutritious, and GMO's require less chemicals than regular foods. However, GMO's could cause allergic reactions if they are crossed with something you're allergic to. We also don't know their long term affect on us. We also might accidentally make an unkillable plant.
I feel that GMOs are a good thing that we must try out. The curiosity in me wants to find out how advanced our food can get. Plus we will only find its long term affect on us by trying it. If you don't want to eat it then don't. We have the power to abolish world hunger so I say, in the words of Jordan Chase, "Take it"


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