Maths 'n' Stuff

I am pretty sure that every day you ask your children what they did at school... and the most common answer is probably "dunno, maths and stuff". So we thought it would be fun to share a snapshot of Maths lessons from this week with a few words from our pupils!

Year 4 began by saving the world....

In Maths, we were learning about co-ordinates. We learnt what coordinates are and why you use them. We had to help animals find their food by plotting coordinates in one quadrant. We then used the iPad to play a game to save the Earth from aliens by finding the coordinates in 1 and 4 quadrants. 4 quadrants was tricky, but we managed to save Earth! Meera

In Reception they fed fish to penguins!

We took the fish away and gave them to the penguins and then counted how many were left. Aayush

Finally, Mr Donohoe's Year 6 class rounded off their work on ratios by baking some yummy brownies!

In our maths lessons this week, our learning objective was to be able to use ratio in real situations. To achieve this, we used our knowledge of ratio and applied it to real life situations such as baking from a recipe. For example, we used a brownie recipe which serves four people and rewrote the recipe so that it was suitable to serve twelve people. We worked this out by simplifying the ratio four to twelve which gave us the answer one to three. Therefore, we multiplied all of the masses by three, which was our formula. We used this to acquire the correct amounts of each ingredient for twelve servings. Today we got to bake the brownies and eat them…which was the best bit! Keira

I am sure you will agree that this is a lot of "stuff"!!