The Flying Future All about drones.

Drones are the future, pretty soon they will be all around us. They come in all shapes and sizes and are being used to do thousands of different things and also they are found all over the world.

Drones are used by the military and law enforcement to help in many ways. The u.s military uses drones everyday to spy on terrorists and other threats.

All of those scenes you see in movies that show a view from the sky a lot of the time, drones are the ones filming those. Since drones can go super high in the sky, more and more drones are being used in movies and TV shows.

Round the world over a billion people live without access to good roads. What drones can do is deliver medications to these people and also get to hard to reach areas in emergencies

Drones are super fun to fly around for all ages. Drones are a great source of entertainment for humans of all ages.

Drones are items found throughout the world, in all different areas. One day in the future drones will be doing the jobs of humans and other organisms. Drones are being upgraded everyday who knows maybe one day they will be able to take us humans to places.

Humans used to think of fantasy when they thought about drones but now scientists and companies are making the most bizarre and unbelievable drones on the market. Some drones can even go in the water and fly thousands of feet in the sky.


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