Southern Colony Come to the South and feed your mouth by Sydney W.

Reason of founding

The founding of the Southern was for money, religious freedom, and it was a buffer zone.It was also a safe place for Catholics.


In the Southern you can grow cotton, indigo, rice, and tobacco. This is how people made money in the South.


The geography in the Southern. In the Southern was not the best yes the Southern had good soil, but they also had pretty good winters. In the Summer it was nice and warm though.

Also come to the South where you can hire slaves and workers, and Virginia was founded by John Smith and you know he was good at starting new colonies.

Some interesting facts about the Southern.

find out why the Southern is the best colony

Created By
Sydney W


Created with images by Adele Payman - "Shot in the agricultural heartland of California. This is the side of the Golden State you don’t see so often. Please credit my instagram @adele_payman if you use this photo." • Laëtitia Buscaylet - "Flowers on the lake" • Ivan Bandura - "Deep ravine" • Ivan Bandura - "Huts in the fields" • Rasmus Landgreen - "Wheatfield" • Vlad Fara - "Shades of snow" • Nitin Tulswani - "untitled image" • Diego Jimenez - "Patterns in Desert Sand"