China Space Current Events By Ryan Wolfberg

China's space agency is called the CNSA (China National Space Administration). It's austronauts are called Taikonauts and there have been 10 manned Chinese space missions.

China's new space lab and space station

China is going to be building a new space station starting in 2017. They plan to make the station smaller than the current International Space Station (ISS). This lab will significantly help China in their future space plans.

The new Chinese station is supposed to be finished in 2020 and it should enter service around 2022. It will be smaller than the ISS and will dock one supply probe and two manned probes at most. When the ISS retires in 2024 the new Chinese station will the be only permenant station in space which will help them dramatically in space. With the new station, manned Chinese space flight will become a regular thing. If China has the only permenant station in space, this will give them a big advantage in space in things like warfare, technology, and science.

Early in September of 2016, China launched a smaller space lab which will be have two austronauts live in it for 30 day before returning home. The lab is going to be used to conduct experiments such as space medical experiments, testing docking and rendezvous of spacecraft, maintenance on the lab, and even experiments that middle schoolers created.

The space lab will pave the way for the new space station that is to be built. Tests from this lab will be used to construct the station. The first supply shipment will arrive at the lab in April of 2017.

A possible Threat

Since China has been getting stronger in space, the country has become more of a threat to America and other allies. America and other countries have been working to deter threats from space form countries like China. If China were to wage war in space, it would cause many problems for other countries and could significantly damage America's strength in space and destroy places on Earth.

China's future plans in space

China has big plans for this upcoming year in space. Their biggest plan is to send a rocket to the moon to collect data and samples from the moon. This will be the first such mission since the Soviet Union sent a mission in 1976. The mission will collect moon samples so in the future they can hopefully have more human exploration on the moon. Their ultimate goal is to build a base or shelter on the moon for research. This mission will also help China with gaining power in space. If they succeed at a mission like this one, it will show they have the ability to have complex missions in space which could be a threat to other countries.

Relation to Confucianism

The China space program connects mostly to Confucianism. With the Confucian idea of learning and educating to help oneself, the Chinese are doing all of the things they do in space to learn more about space and how things work there to better themselves. This will help when mankind later tries to go farther into space. It also relates in the way that while we know a lot about Earth, we know very little about space. To better ourselves, we need to know not only about where we live, but also our surroundings.


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